Vein Health Chronicles: Addressing the Challenges of Varicose Veins

A Case Study of varicose veins:


Patient aged 53 Female.


Complains Of Varicose Veins :

History of mild bleeding episode recently as well (complains since 1 or 2 months). No as such severe symptoms, mild pain bluish veins appears on examination. No swelling.


Particulars and past history:

Chronic depression since 1997 on allopathic rx.

The patient has been dealing with corns for the past seven years and has undergone an operation for their treatment. There is no significant family history related to this condition. In general, the patient's health is normal, and they don't have any specific issues. Thermally, the patient describes themselves as ambithermal.

In terms of mental characteristics, the patient mentions that they have difficulty mixing easily with others and are sensitive. They have a fear of operations, and trust issues seem to be present. The patient also identifies as religious and desires company. It's important to note that for medical concerns, the patient should consult with a healthcare professional for proper guidance and advice.


prescription on 21/11/2023
calcarea fluorica 6x 2 pills BD 15 days
follow up no bleeding episode
no new complains
better overall
RX CALC FLUOR 6x bd 15 days
on improvement
bluish veins appearance reduced

better 60%

calc fluor 6x BD 1 month


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