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Dr. Nidhi Pandya, a renowned homeopathy doctor in Pune, holds an M.D. degree in Homoeopathy. Since 2007, Dr. Nidhi Pandya has been a homoeopath. She is knowledgeable in long-term conditions. She has demonstrated a strong understanding of homoeopathy to manage difficult and supposedly incurable situations with remarkable success. She skillfully incorporates both traditional and modern concepts of classical homoeopathy into her work. She approaches every situation as a fresh challenge and is an unbiased observer. and finishes it with total passion and devotion. She states that the patient must experience progress without any negative effects starting on the very following day of treatment. The remedy needs to be swift, mild, and long-lasting. Homoeopathy can benefit every single member of the family.

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Platinum Family Clinic is a homeopathy clinic that offers professional homeopathic consultations for families. They specialize in treating a wide range of conditions, from acute complaints to chronic diseases, for people of all ages.

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