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DMIT Services

Use DMIT to find your innate abilities

DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence test)

The science behind the DMIT, or Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence test, examines fingerprint patterns. This assessment aids in determining a person’s potential and personality type. The only test used to determine intellect in the past was the IQ exam. However, the Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test is being utilised in the fields of career guidance and counselling, human resource management, children’s memory enhancement programmes, schools, colleges, and educational institutions.

DMIT is Ideal for Kids,Teenager, Adults.

Find out The Hidden Potential Through Your Fingerprints.

Customize Your Child’s Learning Process.

Develop a Better Relationship With Your Child.

Understand Your Personality, Weakness And Strength.

Use The Analysis And Counseling For Better Academic And Professional Growth.

Self Empowerment For Goals.

Improve Relationships & Communication Understand Yourself & Others with DMIT

Unlock the secrets in your fingerprints! The DMIT Test analyzes your unique fingerprint patterns to reveal your natural strengths, learning styles, and multiple intelligence profile.

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