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Case Study : Chronic Haemorrhoids And Eczema Treatment

Navigating Discomfort: Managing Chronic Haemorrhoids and Eczema Challenges


Patient aged 47 years.

Complain of:

Skin infection in February took antibiotic ointment it is good now but it was on elbow fold.

Piles issue also there since 2000. Irritation continue after stool. Twice bleeding has happened. It is external and swelling is there in veins.

Skin problem. Eczema was present in August 2022.Itching occurs first, followed by the formation of dots. The dryness and irritation are more noticeable in the morning, after a wash, and while lying in bed. It is better to rub gently; scratching causes itching. Red skin on the private region has been there for 4 to 5 days; this happened in college and again in 2019.Itching and burning occur throughout the day on red skin. Urine has a strong odour, and it occurs more frequently. Drops seep out if I don’t pass urine. Urine flow is not in a single stream. it sprinkles, and there is a foul odour from urine. There is redness on the foreskin of the private region.

There is a lot of perspiration when there is a timed exercise. The heart rate also increases. Before beginning something new, when I have to stand in front of 5 to 6 people, sweating begins in my forehead, head, and neck.

Heavy snoring occurs during profound sleep. During sleep, you may experience salivation on your right side.I fall asleep quickly, but if I wake up due to a noise, it is tough to fall back asleep. What happens throughout the day is reflected in dreams.My phone was lost two years ago, so I had a dream about it being stolen.I was afraid in my dream. I was racing behind the phone, and my heart rate soared.
I was concerned because I had lost many connections and personal information. I was worried about how I would deal with it.

I lost my father in 2015 and have seen him in my nightmares several times. Another dream was to have an exam, but my studies were incomplete, so I was concerned about how I would prepare for the exam and whether I would receive low grades. If you have worse grades, this does not reflect well on you in front of others.

I had worse marks in 10th grade. I had a 78% till the tenth grade, therefore it was a shock to me that I had received less marks. There were a lot of expectations, so it was a shock to me. I was terrified to meet people because they could say something. I had a fantasy that I would get respect from my family. I dislike failure because it makes me feel horrible. People may claim that the fault is solely mine, or they may believe that I am not a scholar. I am not like that but nevertheless people think negatively about me. Receiving less marks will generate a negative perception of me. I may not be respected as a scholar.

I only have an issue with premature ejaculation after marriage.I began masturbation in tenth grade and have continued to do so for many years.I was alone in college with no flatmate, so it intensified.There is a flaw that I have observed.Urinate after intercourse. There is a strong odour from discharge.

There is a back pain issue.Unable to sit.

Cracks at the base of the legs in the summer, as well as warts on the neck.Brownish warts.Hair density has been diminished.My hair has become greyer, which has lowered my confidence. I have an old appearance.

Premature ejaculation makes me unhappy.I think after that.Any problems on my end.What is the rationale for it.Is this the outcome of masturbation?

Particulars and past history:

In 2007 fracture of collarbone
Root canal done on right side lower jaw.
Had chicken pox in childhood.
Had herpes on stomach on right side.
Breathlessness after walking or running.

Physical generals:

Food: I like sweets more. Craving for samosa

Thirst: thirst is good in the morning. Not much thirsty in day.

Urine: urine passes out if I control.

Stool: Constipation is there. There is itching and burning after stool. Increases by sitting long.

Sweat: More during new situation. It’s stains yellow.

Thermal: I don’t like summer. I can tolerate cold well. Hot patient

Sleep : Snoring in sleep. I am comfortable to sleep on back and right side. Not much on left side.

Dreams of exam and I have not prepared well. I am getting scared.

Basic nature:

I don’t like to be alone. I need company. Earlier i used to get very much angry if things doesn’t go what I expect or if there is something wrong encourage no justice.
I have seen the incidence ignore and someone else got the opportunity so I was very angry and sad and I felt something wrong with me so I did not get it. And most sensitive to insults. If someone insult me in front of people I get affected. I’m sensitive to words that people use. When people are opposing my thoughts I get angry.
My father-in-law used to talk anything about me in front of other people was lot of headache because of over thinking after that is I felt very bad and very angry I wanted to insult him back but I cannot express my anger most of the time.

There was an incidence with bus conductor also. He insulted me in front of all so I felt angry and my heart beats increase. I did not want to express anger so headache start as I was thinking about how to take revenge. But it was taught to us by elders that if they are not good for you then you dont argue.

Stressful situation:

When I left Infosys and joint a private organisation. It was a good opportunity but those people were not relieving me and on the other hand I had the opportunity.

In 2002 I was not having job there was constant fear will I be able to do or not. Weather I will be able to perform in front of all. There was one incidence where I had to perform singing in front of people so there was constant fear whether I will be able to sing in front of people or no. Confidence is less. What will people think if I don’t sing good. My legs shiver and there is sweating and increasing heartbeats. People may not think good about me. I want people to appreciate me .my reputation should be good.
And they should have good perception about me.


Very limited friends. Very close to 1,2 people in school also limited friends. I was extrovert during childhood. Not very close to father. he was occupied in his own thing. I was closed to mother. I have to siblings. I am the third one. There was comparison between me and my brother. I was not able to participate in activities as there was no one to encourage me. Limited thoughts and constant fear whether my performance will be good.. There was stage fear.. Worst thing was to going front of people as people will start hating me
And I feel like I will be alone.i think people with recall my past performance and make me confident. I feel uncomfortable when alone. I want people or group to be appreciating me and i am part of group.if it doesnt happen i feel left out,ignored and what is wrong with me.

I have gas tendency. More in morning empty stomach. Standing is more comfortable than sitting.breathless while climbing.

Family history:

Father: Eczema,paralysis, kidney stone, fissure.
Mother: urgency of urine,herpes and cataract operation.

Prescription on 21/10/2023
Causticum 30 stat
Based on
Large piles impending stools agg on walk
Fold of skin agg
Redness of private region
Injustice sensitive
Follow up on 23/10 /23
Pain during stools reduced much better
Vein swelling better near rectum
No blood in stool
Generals better
Sl bd 1 month
Follow up on 15 /11/23
Generals better
Burning while passing stools
Causticum 30 sos
Sl cont
Follow up on 27/11/23
Constipation occasionally
Rectal pain much better
Redness private part better
Urine urgently goes
Sl bd 1 month
Stools complain much better
Generals better
Skin complain better
Urine urgently goes complain same
Causticum 200 stat
Sl bd 1 month

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