Unveiling the Challenge: Addressing the Persistence of Recurring Boils

A Case Study of recurring boils:

Patient aged 23 year female Complain of:


Complain of:

The patient complains of recurring swelling. It goes away with medicine, but it reappears when the medication is discontinued. It happens more on the left side. It's like a boil and it hurts. I can sit or walk when it bleeds, but not when it's bloated. It's hot to touch.

Pain in both legs and lower back occurs prior to the appearance of the boil. There's also a fever. The headache is present in the forehead. I feel cold before and after a fever. Chilly hands and excessive thirst during chilly weather. Then a fever will develop in the neck, along with thirst. In general, thirst is greater. Fever is higher in the early morning and at night while sleeping. Too much physical agony. A hot water bag helps physical pain. Nath prefers hot water in the intimate area. Warm water helps relieve itching and burning pain.

I recently suffered dental discomfort.The right upper side felt painful, but eating and drinking warm water helped.


Particulars and past history:

Black patches on the hands and legs.
Had a snake bite. That part swelled and itched from the burn. Warm water made burning more efficient.
Sometimes there is bleeding from the anus during firm stool.


Physical generals:

Food: I enjoy spicy cuisine more. Non-vegetarian foods that I enjoy include chicken, mutton, and fish. It must be spicy.

Thirst : More

Urine : Nothing Specific

Stool : If stool is difficult to pass, bleeding develops. The stool is bloody. There was scorching pain after that.

Thermal: I prefer heat and cannot take cold,chilly patient.

Menses: Regular. It comes for five days. It is delayed by two to three days. It's a dark red in colour. Back and leg pain before and during menstruation.

Sleep: Sleep is good. I sleep on the right side.

Basic nature : I am quiet and silent. I don't say much. Someone's words have an impact on me. I feel hurt when someone hurts or misbehaves with me. It generally occurs among buddies. I have a boyfriend and am really attached to him. He is well-behaved and understands me. He looks out for me and gives me advice on what to do.

Dreams: Nothing specific.

Childhood: I did not get along well with everyone. It takes time. If they are strangers, I become nervous. Never performed solo or went on stage alone. I have an elder brother and a younger sister. I am the middle one.

Stressful situation: My friend died. I was shocked to learn of his passing. I was speechless. I was nervous and sobbing, and my appetite had decreased. Shock causes sleeplessness at night. I shivered in various places of my body and went blank. I didn't grasp what was going on or what to do next. So I sat down for 5-10 minutes.

How this problem affecting you: I get disturbed. It irritates me and i get angry.


Family history:

Mother: diabetes
Father: kidney stone,hypertension
Grandmother: diabetes mellitus and hypertension
Grandfather : diabetes mellitus.

Rx 29/7/23
Hepar sulph 30 stat dose
Sl bd 15 days
Based on
Action on skin abscess swelling etc
Abscess of labia with sensitivity
Itching of pudenda
Amel by warmth
Follow up 6/8/23
Complains much better
Itching and burning reduced
Generals better
Hepar sulph 200
Stat dose
Sl 1month
No recurring in complains
Better all over
Generals better
Sl bd 1 month

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