Navigating the Complexities: Managing Chronic Acidity and Varicose Veins


Patient aged 61 year female Complain of:

Complain about acidity, The headache begins in the occiput and spreads to both sides of the eyes, along with giddiness. Acidity is present with the headache, which is exacerbated by sour foods such as curd, buttermilk, idli, and lemon. A headache is only caused by sour foods. Once in a while, I get sour food in my mouth. It has been there for 12-13 years. Fasting increases acidity levels. The headache is accompanied with dizziness. I also feel thirsty. Motions increase during acidic conditions. It happens two to three times per day. I feel like lying down all the time. Pain as if something were moving. There is a terrible headache.

I also get pain in my knee joint. I walk for an hour every day. If I sit for an extended period of time and then stand up, I have pain and stiffness in my knee joint. The right knee is more painful. It has been there for 10 years. I had fallen on my right knee joint two to three times. There is throbbing, pulsating pain that worsens with prolonged sitting and causes the knee joint to stiffen. Walking keeps it free. Rest causes pain and stiffness, whereas action alleviates it. It grows by bending the joint.

I have had a thyroid condition for four years. I also have a lot of hairfall. My scalp is visible owing to hair loss.

Dust causes me to sneeze and have a runny nose. An allergy was present. I solely used homoeopathic medicine, thus I don't have anything anymore. It was at the age of twenty-five. I used to feel sleepy and had a runny nose on both sides.

Particulars and past history:

After eating, the bloating in the stomach grows. There is shoulder ache on the left side. The agony is similar to a boil filled with pus. It's been there for 5 to 6 months now.

Walking exacerbates pain in the soles.

Varicose veins: I've had them in my lower limb for four years. Itching and burning pain occur from time to time.

K/C/O : HTN, cholesterol and thyroid.

Operation for family planning done 30 years ago.

Before two years, I had a lot of white discharge. A pep smear was performed, and the results are normal. Mammography is also normal. The discharge was not sticky, but slightly greenish and watery.

Cataract has started in left eye.

Memory has also become weak.

Vertigo by looking downwards and during acidity and headache.


Physical generals:

Food: I don't like fried food. I like sweets. I prefer sour foods, but I avoid drinking because of the acidity.

Thirst : It's more.

Urine: I can't control my urination. Sneezing also helps pass urine.

Stool : Not satisfactory. The stomach is inflated. The desire for motion arises after waking up.

Sweat: Neck and in stomach after walk and activity.

Thermal: Winter is something I enjoy. There is a headache in the sun. Following sun exposure, a headache develops in the forehead.

Menses: LMP occurred at the age of 47 and was consistent for three days. The flow rate was lower, as was the liquid flow. I have two children. One son and one girl. Our first baby died after 15 days since we share the same blood group.

Sleep / dreams: I sleep for 5 to 6 hours. Not on the back, but rather on the right side. Excessive exertion can cause insomnia. I don't get much sleep once I wake up. Dreams about mortality, accidents, wedding receptions, and people eating food. Dreams of deceased family. Dreams have decreased after taking medications for 1.5 years.

Basic nature: I become angry when there is no cleanliness. If someone doesn't listen to me, I become irritated. If someone tells me anything, I become upset. I don't mention what I didn't like, but I remember it for a long time. I can't talk directly to your face. I hear but don't say anything.
I prefer to be occupied. If I sit, I become lazy. I prefer to be active all day. I avoid sleeping in the afternoon since it prevents me from getting enough sleep at night.

I enjoy cooking food for everyone. I don't like unclean houses at all. The entire house must be clean. I wake up early in the morning, do my work, and clean the entire house as a habit.

Husband has a habit of alerting me when the dish isn't cooked properly. Then the same thought arises as to why it occurred in that manner.

Childhood: My father died in an accident, so I am more afraid of accidents now. I couldn't learn to drive because I was afraid of accidents. I was the eldest. I wanted to help my mother. I have three sisters and two brothers. So all of the family obligations, such as cooking and caring for siblings, increased in sixth grade. I did not like to ask for money. I only have one  friend. Household obligations are increasing. I enjoy doing creative projects such as rangoli and sewing sweaters. But I was always nervous of saying something incorrectly. I knew more than just how to accomplish things. I was afraid that others would laugh at me.

Stressful situation: Sister lost away due to cancer and brother had Aids. His health was not good, therefore I was concerned about what might happen to him. I keep on worrying. The same thoughts go through my mind.

I was a Marathi instructor. I do all of my job by myself. My work and communication are quick. I had a rigorous nature. Now I am retired. I took VRS at 57.

Fear: Fear of a quick fall. If youngsters are about to tumble, my heart rate increases. I prefer to be in company. When I am alone, I feel bored. Don't like to sit idle. I need to do some work.


Family history:

Brother: Aids And Diabetes.
Sister: Ca Breast
Aunt: Paralysis.

Nature by daughter: Extremely active and lively. Increase your pre-planning. There are additional assumptions. She enjoys cleanliness more. Otherwise, extremely kind.

Rx Bellis per 30 stat
Sl bd 15 days
Based on
Headaches and acidity
Headache from occiput to backward
Varicose veins
Cancer miasm
Joint pains
Follow up
Acidity much better
Knee pains mild better
Bloating much better
Generals better.
Sl bd 1 month
Acidity much better
Swelling finger occasionally
Backpain present
Knee pains with cracking sound
Generals better
Bellis per 30 stat
Sl bd 1 month
Varicose itching present
acidity better
Stiffness of legs occasionally
Cracking knees better
No other complains
Bellis per 30 stat
Sl bd 1 month

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