Breaking the Cycle: A Holistic Approach to Migraine Headaches Wellness

A Case Study of Migraine Headaches:

Patient aged 47 years female Complain of:

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There is pain in shoulder joint. Ligament was broken. There is pain in right leg. Ligament tear and pain in shoulder joint is on left side. There is burning in left hand also. MRI of back was done. It showed slight slip of vertebra. first left side shoulder joint was affected. if i lie down on left side then starts to pain. it becomes hard and i cant raise it. it gets caught. (gesture of hand drawing in

6 to 7 years ago there was tumors in neck. it was simple tumor. took medicine for that and it was better. It was on right side. Since 4 to 5 months there is burning stinging pain in that area. I get lot of headache. there is no fixed time of it. pain remains for 2 to 3 days and i cant sleep also i feel like vomiting also since 1 year homeopathy medicines going on there is burning in head does not like noise, light, no kne should be there to talk by air of fan headache starts.

Headache starts in 2 hours and decreases slowly over 2 to 3 days. Headache also occurs by exposure to sun. it starts from above the eyes and goes backwards.

Particulars and past history:

There was pain in left leg also it would start suddenly from knee to ankle.

There is also swelling near elbow sometimes. 20 years ago i had fall from 3rd floor there was no major injury. only leg had turned blackish. There was no fracture headache was there before fall also headache is there since 27 years. Headache is better by vomiting. headache started 7 to 8 months after the birth of my son. Tonsil used to happen recurrent swelling used to occur on both the sides. There is burning and pain in veins of hands.

I feel the lower portion of stomach is comings upwards. i feel it is very big. i feel difficulty in breathing if i sit and work due to that headache increases by talking much. if my husband drinks and come home he will start talking all negative things that irritated me and then headache occurs thinking more also causes headache.

I have more pitta. If i sit in car or bus i get vomiting and vertigo. i have motion sickness.

Physical generals:

Food: I like spicy, sweet, chicken and mutton.

Thirst : Medium

Urine: Before one month i had burning at rah place. Need to go for urination frequently. currently also there is burning at that place.

Stool : Nothing specific

Sweat: More in private parts there is burning pain due to sweating at that part. there us also sweat on face.

Thermal: I cant tolerate heat. i like cold and rain.

Menses: Painful periods. periods are early .every 23 days. flow is for 3 days. I have 3 son and 1 daughter.

Sleep / dreams: Sleeplessness due to headache. I get the dream of getting periods and then within 2 to 3 days i get the periods. Dreams of water and river. Dreams of mother and father being here with me.

Basic nature: I get irritated more. then i don't talk. i like to be calm more. i get irritated if work is not done properly. i get emotional very easily and start crying if someone told me anything.

Childhood: I have not done study. i liked to be with all. i have 4 sisters and 2 brothers. i am 3rd mother used to love and take good care of us when we went to her place after marriage. I did not like to fight. i had fear of fighting. I consider nit capable financially to fight with all.

Stressful situation: Death of mother was stressful. Mother ued to treat us with care. I get headache from emotions. if i get emotional i will get headache after 2 days i cry easily and frequently. If someone scold me, tell me something in loud tone then i cry i don't like to fight and have enemies. I also have habit of washing hands often and washing the already washed plates before using them.

Family history:

Uncle: Cancer

Aunt: Cancer

Nature by daughter: She talks politely with all. Problem related to money is there father scolds her if she does not earn or ask for financial help .she gets easily affected by family matters and issues related to money.

Prescription on 16 / 6 / 23
Sanguinaria 30 stat dose
Sl BD 1 month
Based on following points
Pain headache delivery after
Burning sensation
Aggravated heat of sun
Amelioration vomiting
Avoidance of violence

Follow up 4 / 8 / 23
Headache decreased
Leg pains continue
Generals better

Sanguinaria 30 stat dose

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