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A Case Study Of : Tinea Infection

Fungus Unveiled: Managing the Challenges of Tinea Infection


Patient aged 37 year old female Complain of:

Complain of:

Symptoms of skin eruptions on forearms and necks include itching and black staining, which can be caused by scratching or sun exposure. The condition began during pregnancy due to stress.Because PT was uncertain about how to manage job and family at the time, sleep was not adequate.

Particulars and past history:

The patient experiences both migraine and sinusitis.

Family History: Skin infections father mother and brother.

Physical generals:

Perspiration on forehead neck.

Desire– Salty

Aversion– Cant eat spicy it causes heavy abdomen also cold drinks causes sore throat. Likes ice-creams.

Thermal: The patient is tolerant to heat, tolerant of cold, and finds relief in open air. Their condition tends to improve in warmer temperatures.

Dreams: Previously used to have falling down from stairs.

Mind Symptoms: I experience anger when faced with contradictions. In my childhood, I tended to be stubborn. I prefer bright rooms over darkness. I feel a sense of discomfort with domination. I strive for perfection in everything. Freedom is something I deeply cherish. I experience disappointment when tasks are not completed on time.

Rx 4/9/23
natrum mur 30 stat
sl bd 15 days
itching was there on and off
mild better
but in between travelling to seaside
sea water agg complains
sour food agg itching
natrum mur 30 stat follow up after 5 days
much better with itching
new patches not there
skin better now
generals better
wait for 1 month no medicine so follow up

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