Battling Allergies: A Comprehensive Approach to Managing Allergic Rhinitis

A Case Study of allergic rhinitis:


Patient aged 41 Male.


Complain of:

Complains of sneezing episodes every year from oct till nov or dec this is since many years.

The patient experiences aggravated sneezing in the morning, evening, and in open air. They also report watery coryza and itching of the eyes during and after these episodes. The sneezing is described as paroxysmal. The patient takes Allegra as needed for relief. There is no significant past medical history reported by the patient. It is advisable for the patient to consult with a healthcare professional for a comprehensive evaluation and personalized treatment plan.


Particulars and past history:

Family History: Father allergic rhinitis ,DM,HTN.
Mother has a history of hypertension, and his uncle have a background of allergic rhinitis.


Physical generals:

Food: Likes spicy. Milk allergy causes gases.

Thirst: Short intervals.

Thermal: Summer Comfortable. Both extreme tolerable.

The patient reports that their palms are consistently moist. The patient observes the presence of red-brown warts on their neck.

Mind: The patient is described as stubborn, tends to avoid conflicts, and has an aversion to disturbances.


RX 17/10/23
allium cepa 30 stat
sl 15 days
follow up
17 / 11/23
sneezing much better
sometimes morning agg
eyes complains better
in between no allopathic taken
generals better
sl BD 1month
runny nose and throat irritation
generals better
red tip tongue
allium cepa 30 stat
sl for 5 days


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