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Case Study : Acute Gastroenteritis

Stomach Distress Unveiled: Managing a Case of Acute Gastroenteritis


Patient aged 41 years Male Complain of:

The patient presented with complaints of fever, loose motions, and abdominal pain, likely stemming from consuming food outside. They experience a sensation of vomiting without actual vomiting, and they feel nauseous, particularly aggravated after eating or drinking. The patient reports a heavy feeling in the head. They have had two episodes of loose motions, and they feel better after passing stools. Additionally, the patient mentions the presence of gases. It is crucial for the patient to seek prompt medical attention for a thorough evaluation and appropriate treatment.

Physical generals:

Food: I like spicy, sweet, chicken and mutton.

Thirst : Decreases

Sleep: Disturbed

Lack of Appetite


RX 21/10/23
aloe socotrina 200 stat
sl 5 days
mild fever today morning
feeling better after vomiting
bowels now semisolid
thirst increased now
app good
advised to cont Sl

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