Navigating Urgency: Addressing an Acute Case of Vomiting Treatment

A Case Study of Acute Case Of Vomiting Treatment:


Patient aged 6 years since today morning Complain of:

Vomiting bouts occurred twice without a specified reason. According to the mother, it could be the result of a conflict with the children. Bilateral leg discomfort accompanied it.
Tongue clean and wet.

Nausea persists despite vomiting. There is no abdominal pain or fever, but a sense of dullness is present.


Physical generals:

Appetite- Decreased
Thirst- Less Intake
Bowel- Normal
Sleep Normal

Along with this, there is a little cough.

RX on 3/1/24
ipecac 30 stat dose
sos follow up
better in last episode
no recurrence of complains

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