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Case Study : Menstrual Irregularity {Oligomenorrhoea}

Balancing Cycles: Understanding and Managing Menstrual Irregularity


Patient aged 27 years female Complain of:

Irregular menses and delaying taken allopathy RX temporary relief.

LMP 1/10/22
Since menarche menses are irregular duration is 40 to 45 days or occasionally 50 days.
H/O- migraine on allopathy RX
Headache on top of head Supraorbital and Frontal

Physical generals:

Sleep: Disturbed
Cats Nap
Other Things: Normal
Dreams Of Falling From Building.
Thermals: Chilly Patient

Past History Of Jaundice

Family history:

Grand Mother: TB
Father— Dm
Mother: Low BP

Mind — Sensitive Emotional
Emotion Of How Will I Manage Things
RX on 17/12/22
belladonna 30 stat
sl bd 1month
follow up on 27/2/2023
LLMP 27/12/22
LMP 26/1/23
SLIGHT stomach ache
flow normal
generals better
sl bd 1 month
in between cyclcles were regular
so no follow up
now 32 days cycle again
belladonna 30 stat
sl bd 1month
menses appearing regularly
lmp 11/10/23/
llmp 7/11/23
no new complains
generals good
sl bd for 2 months.

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