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Case Study : A Case of PCOD Problem Treatment

PCOD Problem Treatment in Pune: Holistic Approaches for Wellness


Age: 32.
Occupation : working in IT firm.

Patient aged 32 year female Complain of:

PCOD since 2016 it started with irregular periods. Gradually there was dry skin, hair fall and weight gain is also a concern. There was a cyst in both the side ovary. I had habit of over eating. The periods used to delay mostly. 45 days late.

I forget things what I did yesterday. Cannot remember. I was stressed out very much in 2021 to 2022. Very much emotional. I could not take the first break up well. I was trapped.

In February 2016 I had a break up. After that I started preferring outside Food. So that must have affected me. It started in 2009 during the first year of college. Initially it was good but then he was taking me for granted. He likes to be with friends endless time with me. He was into a relation with another girl and I saw him with that girl then we had a lot of fight and arguments. He did not inform me and he left me and I used to feel like everything is ended in life. I relied on him and I wanted to marry him as it was my first love. It was difficult for me to digest and it was very much shocking. I had fear of losing anyone who is close to me. I even spent less time with mother and I tried to find happiness in him but he left.

Fear: fear that someone may leave me and go. We were in Joint family and because of my aunt there was a separation. Now I don’t want to see any separation. I was close to my uncle but because of that separation he was also away from me. I have seen a Happy Family separating.

I wanted to cry shout I wanted to express and I did it with my best friend what I could not digest it end I went inside a shell.

The death of my grandfather occurred in March and breakup occur in April. So he left me when I wanted him the most. I am very protective about family. I was in Goa that time so I was very guilty that I was not available at right time (weeping). I went into a shock and I could not process anything and I was broken.

Shell: Not with people but I will stay in the shell from the people. If I will be open to people then they may hurt me like that guy did to me. So I feel only family can be trusted.

Shell is like making a layer around you. And totally disconnected. I connect easily and trust easily so I want a layer around me that can protect me. That protective layer so that no one can hurt me or manipulate me. I was trying to protect myself as I don’t want to take any hurt . I do not trust people easily now.

I want to build a happy place, connected with family, secure, calm, happiness and peace as like parent secure us so i want to build like that secure place. I feel secure everyone else is selfish. Why this is happening to me.

Shield is protective and secure layer to hide my weak side.

Protect : as i am getting hurt and not getting anything in return.

Second breakup occurred in 2019 it was all of a sudden and I was very much rigid not to start the relation but I trusted that person again and he hide many things from me.

I want to protect myself yes I don’t want another betrayal.

Particulars and past history:

I usually chew on left side. Two root canal treatments done on the left side.

In 2019 I had tinnitus all of a sudden. I had a bath in a pool and after that whistling sound started coming from the left side of the ear.. it used to happen suddenly more at night and I could hear Humming sound.

I have back pain due to sitting position

I have dryness in eyes due to eye strain

My left hand is numb in the morning when I go to sleep being sad frustrated or any argument with anyone. If I sleep in that state then the next morning numbness occur.

Physical generals:

Food : I like spicy food more not much sweets. I like junk food like momos and chicken. Chocolate flavor is my favorite.

Thirst: not much.

Urine: nothing specific

Stool: Stool is not clear. It is unsatisfactory and I have to strain while passing. When I was in college I had a crack in that area and there was pain on left side while passing the stool.

Sweat: more sweat near the nose flaps

Sleep: sleeping mostly on the left side. Snoring in sleep. Once I wake up, I cannot sleep again.

Dreams: Fearful dreams. I want to speak something in the dreams but not able to speak. Not finding the words.

Robbers are coming in the house in they are stealing something I’m throwing the things you are in there. I am seeing that with lot of fear that they may. Not hurt anyone in the family.

Dream of random Black Snake. I am seeing and shouting.

I am shouting on my brother in law as he has destroyed my sister’s life. I was feeling pressure in the left side of the chest Dream of death of relatives.

Dream of sisters son being lost.

Childhood: Many good memories from childhood. We had a happy joint family. Three Sisters. Did not like to go to school. I like to dance and participate in sports. I used to avoid going to school as I considered myself weak . So I did not feel like going to school.

If I dance I get refreshed. It is stress buster for me. After dancing I feel energetic. I feel free by movement.

I consider myself like a lioness so I have a tattoo of it on my hand. It is because I am handling things strongly and it has flowers around it which shows I am gentle also. On my other hands tattoo of my mother and father.

I want to find a trustworthy person on whom I can rely for mental peace. with whom I can share my life.

Family history:

Sister: non contagious tuberculosis, kidney stone
Mother: hypertension, piles ,thyroid
Father: died when I was 3 years age
Grandmother :hypertension.

Calcarea fluorica 30 stat
Sl 15 days
Based on
Insecurity in relationship depending and then cut off.
Constant motion of hands
Better by rubbing
Fistula issue.
Dreams of death of relation
Fear of deserted and left down

Follow up on 17/7/23
Appetite slight improvement
Dreams of menses
Mood swings
Spotting occured
Itchy scalp better
Dry eyes better
Bowels better
Sl bd 1 month

Feeling stressed
Lmp 19.8.23
Llmp 7/7/23
General better
Hairfall dandruff
Calcarea fluorica 30 stat
Sl bd 1 month

23 sept spotting
1 oct started with menses
Sleep better
Craving sweet
Fearful dreams
Left early tinnitus agg
Calcarea fluorica 30 stat
Sl bd 1 month

No new complains. Ear also better
Generals better
No any dreams
Sl bd 1 month

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