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A Case Study of Allergic Sneezing Treatment


A patient aged 43 male came with complain of recurrent sneezing, stuffy nose watering of nose, agg winter, morning agg and cold air. amel in open air. all complains are in winter since many years there is itching of soft palate, throat, nose etc. Burning of eyes and watering as well sleep is disturbed due to that cetirizine is taking on so’s basis but its use increasing now more
Triggering Factors — dahi shrikhand or sweets as well.

Family History — father – bronchitis, DM
Monther – HTN AND DM
Past history – tonsillectomy-at 10 yr of age
Other Complaints
acidity — burning in stomach amel cold milk
Eructations amel also gall bladder stone detected recently.

Appetite- more towards hunger nature unsatisfactory feeling present
thirst- less intake
bowel- unsatisfactory gases present
urine – nad
desire – much like sweets**, spicy, and oily food
aversion – dahi and shrikhand because it agg the complains profuse perspiration on head and scalp
Thermals tol- summer
intol -winter due to c/o
sleep on abdomen usually palms moist Tongue cracked in middle dry pink
Mentals — talkative nature short tempered anger without reason happy go lucky person cheerful anticipatory anxiety
palpitations overthinking of past mistakes stubborn in childhood
on 9/11/23
Argentum nitricum 30 stat
sl 1month
based on upper palate itching and sneezing
recurrent co anticipation sweet desires
follow up
cetirizine use reduced overall with med complains better 50 %
upper palate itching 80% better generals better in between due to cold temp co again started gases on and off
argentum nitricum 30 stat
sl bd 1 month

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