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Leg Pain Case Study : 48 Year Old Lady


Leg pain is a challenge that can impact the lives of individuals at any stage. It can restrict your mobility and hinder your enjoyment of life. While doctors often resort to painkillers or surgery as conventional treatments for leg pain, there’s a gentle alternative that takes a holistic approach to your well-being: homeopathy for leg pain.

Leg pain is a prevalent concern that impacts individuals of all age groups, spanning from children to seniors. In the realm of advancing medical technology, numerous treatment alternatives have emerged for addressing leg pain. Among these choices, homeopathy stands out as a natural approach to addressing various medical conditions. This case study delves into the rising popularity of homeopathy for leg pain and explores the advantages it offers in alleviating leg discomfort.

A Case Study of Leg Pain

C/O : I have leg pain ,swelling in both the legs. There is more pain in calf region. After Intercourse i get lot of pain in legs. All of a sudden there is no strength in legs. Cramp in legs at night and I want to lay down all the time . I get lot of irritation. I also have varicose veins in left thigh since 2 years. The treatment is going on since 3 years. When it is summer I get dry skin, flakes come out overall from the skin. There is neck pain and also knee pain lower back pain on both the sides which occurs more after intercourse. There is also swelling near the ankle and also pitting on pressure.

It occurs more after exertion, driving, stress and tension. I feel as if there is no life in legs. I feel very emotional I start crying. I don’t get proper sleep due to it. Leg pain is better by rest and increases by afternoon and evening.
I don’t get proper sleep due to many thoughts till 2 o’clock at night. Thoughts are related to office, daughters exam. There is lower back pain occurs all of a sudden last time it started and stayed for 2 days. My confidence reduces because of the pain and I feel like crying a lot.

Past History : Tonsil operation done. Family planning operation also done

Obstetric History : Normal delivery of two daughters. one is 10 year old and another is 16 years old.

Physical Generals :

Food : I like spicy, I like green chilies, pickles. Like green vegetables like Methi, Palak. I like all the fruits. I like orange. Sour taste is my favorite but I don’t like sweet much. Since childhood only I don’t like milk. I get acidity after eating fermented food.

Menstruation : For last 5 to 6 months I get periods every 3 weeks. There is headache on 3rd day. there is also pain above the eyes and behind the ears. The flow is clotted on 3rd day.

Thirst : Normal

Urine : Nothing specific

Stool : I have to strain before stool. there is weakness of legs before stool which is better after passing .

Thermals : more in cold. I cannot bear sun also. I cannot tolerate extreme cold also. In sun I get weakness and headache and also eye pain.

Sleep : I get no sleep up to 2 o’clock. Slightest noise can wake me up from sleep.

Dreams : dreams about family function. All the guests are together. Conflict between my parents and in laws and I don’t know how to deal with that. Will I be able to deal with that or not. Dreams of lizard of which I am scared of.

Basic nature : Very sensitive nature. if someone does not respect me, takes me for granted, thinks I am a fool makes me very angry. I am also sensitive to words and I don’t like ungrateful people. I like more cleanliness. I am more disciplined. I like things being in proper place.

I’m sensitive to someone not respecting my parents. I get very angry. I think I keep high expectations from others. other should be like how I am. If I treat them well they should also do good for me. When I am sick I get very emotional. I feel dependent. Not able to do things on my own. I like to be independent like to do my own things myself. but when I am sick I feel no strength. When everything will come back to normal over thinking starts I do not Express things very easily. I think a lot before talking. If I see any emotional scene I get water in my eyes. I feel guilty very easily. self criticism is more in me. I think I am not giving enough time to my parents. not able to give enough attention to my daughters. During the intercourse also because of pain I feel I am not able to do it properly. I have lower back pain and desire to lie down with lot of irritation.

I don’t express myself because I don’t know what the situation will be. I don’t like conflicts and arguments. I try to avoid the arguments but sometimes I also become violent. My and my husband’s opinion are very different so sometimes I also slapped myself as I am not able to convince him. Hpe is always in the fighting mode always complaining about my parents but I avoid expressing myself as it can lead to more arguments and fights.

I am respecting his parents he should also respect my parents. the effects of fight and arguments stay in my mind for longer period of time. Relations become bad. I always want everything to be positive.

Stressful Situation : Once we had gone for a family trip with my sister her husband and my parents. There was an argument between my father and my husband. My husband behaved very badly with my father and that was the most disturbing event for me. He spoke all the things which he should not. He should have respect for my father. My daughter also did not like this behaviour and she developed convulsion after it. Effect of it is not going away from my mind. I get sleeplessness palpitation in the heart. This was the worst situation of my life. My husband and in laws always find wrong with my parents. they complaint that they have not given enough gifts for marriage. I was new to the house and I could not believe people can be such greedy.

Childhood : I was the middle child. I have elder sister and younger brother. I was very intelligent and understanding. I used to please my parents. they used to appreciate me and I used to feel good. I was understanding from beginning only. family was not doing financially well so I used to understand the situation and was over responsible from childhood. I was more attached with my parents. in laws and husband feel that I am Biased towards them. once my mother took us for shopping and the shopkeeper told my mother set your previous bills are due so first pay them and then further shopping is possible. He talked very rudely with my mother and I did not like his tone at all.

Since childhood I like respect. my father also use to scold me and my mother and siblings which I did not like. I did not talk with him for 2 to 3 days if he scolded me. Then he is scolding me less. I don’t like rudeness I get angry. but I don’t express myself. my father didn’t used to help and respect my mother and so I used to get angry on father but could not speak he was very strict. I was good in studies compared to my siblings I like to be among the toppers. I used to place my father and mother and they used to appreciate me for that which made me feel good. I tried to make them happy. I tried getting more marks to please my father. It was a pleasant feeling. I like the acknowledgement which I get afterwards

My sister had a love marriage and there was lot of fights in the house after that is it was not allowed to marry outside the cast. after seeing that fight in the house I decided that I will marry in cast only. I decided to marry with the consent of my father only. My father was disrespected in the society because of my sister’s marriage.

In the past we had relationship for 1 year but I couldn’t express and tell at home I felt very bad I was broken. I couldn’t speak because I did not want any fights in the house. I want everyone to be happy and have a positive surrounding.

Interest in hobbies : I like music in free time. I like doing nothing and sitting relaxed. I have no more urges in life. are you just want to be happy and healthy. I want to keep happy environment at home.

First history : I had many boils on hips. Very painful boils that I could not even sit. mainly before periods. Boils were filled with pus and sometimes bleeding also occurred.

Legs : Nails go inside the skin. There is pain in the nails since 1 year
There is a bulge the right side to which is better after medicine.

Stomach : I have gas issue. I get lot of gas on empty stomach, eating bread, drinking warm milk. There is an over growth, white skin near the front side of vagina. Doctor said it is because of antibiotics.

Neck : due to stress or exertion of office work there is left side neck pain. I also get lower back pain when I sit without support.

Family history :

Mother : hypertension, thyroid.
Uncle : diabetes mellitus.


Prescribing Points :
Coition agg
Generalities Lie down Inclination to
Back Pain coition agg
Ranunculus Bulb 30 stat
Sl bd for a month
Follow up after a month

Much better at General level
No pain < coition since medication started
No episodes of Back pain
Boils before menses much reduced
Leg pain more on standing
Appetite : Good
Stool: Pain around anus while passing stool
Dreams : Many dreams
Me and my family I am lost somewhere / Need help/ could not find a way.

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