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Cold and Cough Treatment-Platinum Family Clinic
Cold and Cough Treatment-Platinum Family Clinic

Natural Cold and Cough Treatment in Homeopathy

Cold and Cough and Sneezing, often triggered by allergies or irritants, can be both bother some and disruptive to daily life. Homeopathic cold and cough treatment can provide relief from the symptoms of allergies without the use of potentially harmful medications. Homeopathy addresses the root causes of cold and cough and sneezing, whether it's due to allergens, infections, or other factors, by utilizing natural remedies tailored to the individual's unique symptoms and constitution.

Homeopathic cold and cough treatment focus on enhancing the body's own healing mechanisms, aiming for long-term relief and improved overall well-being. These remedies are safe, non-invasive, and free from side effects, making them an excellent choice for individuals seeking a natural and effective way to alleviate sneezing and its underlying causes.

Let's see the case study for cold and cough treatment

Age: 8 years.

C/O: complain of cold and sneezing. He was coughing continuously and he was not eating  anything but after medicine his cough is 50 % better and his desire to eat food is there now. Everytime he gets this cough and cold it starts with pain in throat. After throat pain there is running nose, cough and fever also. He even complains of nose block. His complains are more in evening. This has started after his school has started and he is going to school. After covid only this recurrent running nose and cough has started. He also had covid infection. During  that time also there was throat pain and cough. Cough is there but he is not able to remove it out. Sometimes  there is vomiting  after coughing. This desire to drink water reduces when he gets this cold and cough. Cough is more in morning  and evening. There are 2-3 bouts of cough at a time. Last time when he had this cold and cough he was also complaining of body pain. During fever heat is more on neck, hands and legs. Fever had started at around  6 pm in evening.

Another  issue he had was of stomach pain. Issue of constipation  was also there. He used to complain of pain around umbilicus.
He complains of nose block on both sides and but it is usually more at night after lying down. It increases in rainy season,  by change of weather and when he sweats a lot and comes under fan soon after that his nose gets blocked.

Physical generals:

Perspiration: more on head.

Food  Desire: sweets,cakes,pastry,chocolates. He needs sweets after food. If nothing sweet is there then he will eat jaggery.

Thermal: he does not like heat. He wants fan everytime. He removes covering very often.

Urination: nothing specific.

Constipation: before he had this issue of constipation . He used to go for stool once in two days but now it is not there.

Thirst: normal.

Sleep: he lies on abdomen during sleep and there is saliva coming from mouth while he is sleeping.

Dreams: not remembered.

Fear: fear of darkness. I dont like darkness. Smiling and laughing  while telling  the symptoms. Needs lot to push up to answer the question. Before answering the question  he looks at his mother.

What is the fear in darkness?

Someone will come. It may be spider. It may bite and i am afraid of its poison. There can be pain if it bites. In darkness ghost can also come. It can come suddenly and i will be afraid. Ghost can also hit with some sharp thing. I will get hurt and then there will be pain. Injection also scares me as there is pain. Mother tells if he gets hurt slightly also he will make it big scene and tells don't come near me, don't touch me. When his sister hugs him tightly he will say don't hug me so tightly it hurts. He wants band aid soon after getting hurt.

Basic nature: He is very sensitive. Even if something is said to him loudly he will start crying. listen to things and does sincerely everything that is said to him. but we need to push him for physical activities. In school also he is very sincere and disciplined child. He does not get any complaint from school. Sometimes he gets angry .He likes travelling but does not like long tour where there is closed car because once he had lot of nausea and vomiting. So after that he is not going for any journey having closed car.

He does not mix easily with people. He does not like to dance at all. He feels very bad easily on minor things and he will start crying. If he feels bad on something he will not talk and he needs to be consoled that you wear scolded  for so and so reasons and he will become calm. He is very careful about himself and protect himself. He will never jump from high places so that he does not get hurt. He is a kind hearted person. If he sees any emotional scene in television then he will also start crying.

Childhood: when he was one to three years old he used to stick to his mother only and did not go to anyone else not even to his father. He never went to any stranger. He always needed Mother by his side.

Birth history: cesarean was done at his time because fluid had started to decrease. He had mild jaundice after birth.
During pregnancy mother had a dream that her son is punching her while she was pregnant.

Mother had first miscarriage after that she had a daughter and in the third time she was feeling the same kind of pain as it was there in the first miscarriage so she had fear of same thing to happen again rest all through the pregnancy was normal. Mother also had desire for sweets during pregnancy.

Past history: He had a swelling near the eye. It was a pimple type and it was soft but not much painful. It was on right side.

He had done root canal in right side upper tooth. His 2-3 teeth had mild cavity and in that filling was done. Whenever his teacher give star and praise him he likes it a lot. Whenever we play indoor games and if he is about to lose we will get very angry tell I will not follow the rules and he start doing cheating..

Observation: he was taking a lot of time to answer to the question. He was a looking to his mother every time he was asked a question after much thinking he used to answer by laughing and smiling.

Hobbies: likes drawing and playing with soft toys.

Family history:

Grandmother: Asthma
Grandfather: Ulcer in stomach.
Paternal grandmother: Hypertension
Paternal grandfather: Heart issue.


  Baryta carb 30 stat on first day
   SL* BD* 1 month

Follow up:

- Patient is better
- No cough and cold
- No any episode of fever
- Throat pain reduced
- Now no any fresh complaints
- Feeling better at general level.
- Rx SL*BD*1month

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