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Homeopathy For Knee Pain Platinum Family Clinic
Homeopathy For Knee Pain Platinum Family Clinic


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Knee pain is a problem that can make life difficult for people of all ages. It can limit your ability to move around and enjoy life. Most commonly, doctors use painkillers or surgery to treat knee pain. But there is another option that is gentle and looks at your whole well-being: homeopathy for knee pain.

Knee pain is a common issue that affects people of all ages, from young children to seniors. With the advancements in medical technology, there are now several options available for treating knee pain. One of these options is homeopathy, which is a natural approach to treating various types of medical conditions. This case study will discuss why homeopathy for knee pain is becoming increasingly popular, the benefits of homeopathy for knee pain.

A Case Study of Knee Pain

C/O : Lot of pain in knee joint. MRI showed ligament injury after I had a fall.

I also have Arthritis since long time also having blood pressure and diabetes. FBS is 180. I take a lot of care of my diet. this problem has increased since last 1 year otherwise I used to walk 4-5 km daily. left me is affected more than right. I get totally locked knee  that I am not able to move my leg, I cannot stand up. I have this issue of arthritis since last 10 years but I used to tolerate the pain and did not give much attention to it. this complaint increased in cold and rainy season. In past I used to walk 5 km daily but since last 1 year due to pain I am not going for walking otherwise I like walking a lot.

Past history: I had malaria in past. I also had tuberculosis. When I was 1 year old I had some disease where my legs and hands were thin and stomach part was swollen.. I also had gas and sinus problem. Sinus problem is more on left side. Also have tonsil issue which increases after taking sour food. I also have sleeplessness. do not get sleep right after going to bed. sometimes I pass urine while coughing.

I get headache if I drink more water on empty stomach. I feel uneasy if I drink water on empty stomach. I also had renal stone in past.. I feel thirsty more at night time and my mouth get dry.

Urination: since last 6 to 8 months I get period like smell in urine.

Menstruation: 12 years since menopause. fibroids in uterus.

Tuberculosis: First time I had tuberculosis in lungs.. Right side was affected
Second time I had tumor in neck region which was of Tuberculosis.
Third time there was kind of swelling in the right side of flank region and due to recurrent history of Tuberculosis doctor started the treatment of it without investigation.

After my mother passed away I got fever that remained undiagnosed for long period of time and after that I develop swelling in the neck region that was TB of neck region. I also had malaria. there was a chill followed by fever and then sweat. I had to take injections of malaria. I also had urinary track infection I had fever lot of coughing urine culture was done there was lot of difficulty in breathing also. I also had a history of Chikungunya. I had covid in the first wave. There was fever after feeling chilly. and there was cough and body pain.

At present every joint is painful the complain is more in morning any treat you say spy exposure to sun and by massage. I feel some drawing type of pain in my nerves. I feel that at night my nerves are kind of jamed. this occurs all of a sudden when I am above to get sleep. Then suddenly I wake up. I had a fall one year ago and after that this joint pain has increased. joint gets locked at night. at night I feel receive my tongue is stuck to the lower jaw. same kind of drawing feeling I get which is relieved by slight massage in the lower jaw.

All the symptoms aggravate in cold rainy weather there is also pain while kneading the dough. feel better by massage. dard aisa hota hai jaise kuch andar pak raha ho.. Most of the time I tried to do my work by myself. I am not handicapped. I do not like to ask for help any family members. but when the pain is intense I have to ask for the help which I do not like at all.

Physical generals:

Desires: I like namkin food. spicy food. I get gas issues after eating cucumber and poha

Appetite: I have a good appetite I do feel hungry and at that time I want proper food.

Thirst: less

Urination:  there is burning sensation after urination.

Stool: I have constipation. note satisfied after the stool.

Thermal: I cant tolerate heat.

Perspiration: Very less.

Sleep: I have issue of sleeplessness. my mind is constantly active with lot of thoughts. I don't get sleep till 2 to 3:00 a.m. in the morning  then at  4 o'clock in the morning I start to feel sleepy but I have to wake up at 6 so I cannot sleep properly.

Dreams: I get dreams of water, dreams of snake , dreams of missing the train. if the train is at 8 o'clock I I'm still at home at 8 packing the bag and the train is missing. I also see that all my family members have entered in one coach where I am not able to enter and I have to go in another coach. dreams related to snake I see many black and red snakes. I get lot of fear and uneasiness. I feel as if they are coming behind me to bite me.. Recently I saw a dream of dead body flowing in the water.


Eyes: I had cataract in both the eyes get dryness in the eyes after exposure
to sun and by draft of air.

Tonsils: In both the sides .

Skin: I have dryness in skin and many small warts on skin.

Basic nature: I do not get angry easily. I am a jolly type of person . I am very strict. everything in the house should happen according to my will. I am very religious I spend 2 to 3 hours doing Pooja. I don't like slowness in work at all. everything should occur in first speed. I don't like to walk slowly. When my husband and I go for a walk he keeps on telling me to walk slowly.. I get angry when things don't go according to my will.. I like walking a lot. I also like travelling. I like talking to many people. my elder son is in Army so I get lot of tension about him. after his first posting I got this issue of diabetes in his tension only.. son said she is very authoritative.

Stressful situation:  there was a problem in the family business. business was dull so I had lot of tension is children also were in school and there fees head to be paid. he was lot of financial struggle. I had very recurrent fights with my husband.

The death of my mother was another stressful situation for me. I started with fever and then developed the swelling of neck region which was diagnosed  as tuberculosis. I was also shocked by the incident. he was not able to talk with anyone. After that incidence I have started developing fear of death. fear related to the posting of son in Army. I also have fear of height and falling from the height.
During the financial struggle I had the fear of the future of our children. right now there is no tension to them they all are well settled but now I have tension of my disease. even if I want water I have to ask my family members. This makes me feel handicapped. I also get lot of anger because of this.  We were living in a joint family and I used to do all the household work very efficiently. all my work by myself as much as possible.


Childhood: I was very strong as a child. All used to call me Netaji. I like to do activities when I have to be the leader. I like to do something for someone.. When I was 4 years old I was lost. at that small age I somehow managed to reach home all by myself. I was living with my grandparents. I met with a Brahmin family and they took me in the car where I gave the correct address to reach home. in between  they offered me many food item but I refused to eat. At that small age also I did not eat anything offered by stranger.  I was the monitor of my class. I was very extrovert. I was doing job before marriage. I wanted to do some business but could not. I am very emotional person also. I get emotional  by seeing someone crying.


Family history:
Father: Heart attack
Mother: Heart attack , diabetes, asthma, thyroid.
Brother: Bone tuberculosis.
   Kali iodum 30(stat)

  - Patient is better now but pain comes suddenly.

  - Arthritis reduced - couldn't turn earlier
  - Tightness of jaw reduced
  - Continues burning in urine
    Can't control urine
  - Cough continued after acute infection
Physical generals -

- Appetite - Good
- Thirst - Normal
- Bowel - Hard stools
- Urine - Frothing
- Sleep - disturbed (Now I can sleep in 30 mins. but wakes up in between)
- Dreams - I am going somewhere doing packing but couldn't finish my task
-Rx Kali iodum 30(SOS) SL*BD*3 months

- Cervical pain++
- Radiating pain more on right side ->by movement ->by rest and massage
- Black spots more on hands, legs and chest
- Had episode of vertigo, feels should lie down, whirling, round sensation
- Knee pain ->in morning+, walking+ by rest and cold fomentation
- morning - tight fingers
- Neck and lumbar region pain which is by sitting.

Physical generals -

- Appetite - Good
- Thirst - Dryness of mouth at night, thirst less, drinks less water
- Bowels - Satisfactory
- Urine - slight burning after getting up from urination it feels heavy in urethra and there is pain.
- Sleep - Disturbed, can't sleep due to noise
- Perspiration - Scanty - If perspires it gives feeling of restlessness
- Rx Kali iodum 30 SL*BD*1month

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