Homeopathic Medicine for Acidity

Dr. Nidhi specializes in providing homeopathic medicine for acidity. With her expertise in homeopathy, She provides personalized treatment based on each patient's needs. Dr. Nidhi takes a holistic approach, considering the causes of acidity and the overall health of the patient. She selects specific homeopathic medicines for acidity to alleviate symptoms and enhance overall wellness.

Complain of - Complaints of acidity.

Headache starts from the occiput and extends to eyes on both the sides and there is giddiness also. acidity is there with headache and it increases by sour food like curd, buttermilk, idli, lemon. headache only occurs by sour food. once a while i get sour food in mouth. It is there since 12 to 13 years. acidity increases by fasting. headache is accompanied by vertigo. i feel thirsty also at the time of acidity motions also increases.it is 2 to 3 times in a day. i feel like lying down all the time. pain as if something is moving. there is throbbing headache.

I also have pain in knee joint. i walk for 1 hour daily. if i sit for long time and if i get up there is pain and stiffness in knee joint.in right knee there is more pain.it is there since 10 years. i had fall on right knee joint 2 to 3 times. there is throbbing, pulsating pain which increases by sitting for long hours then knee joint becomes stiff.by walking it remains free. pain and stiffness increases by rest and are better from motion.it increases by bending the joint.

I have had thyroid since 4 years. I have lot of hairfall also.my scalp is seen due to hairfall.

I get sneezing and runny nose due to dust. allergy was there. took homeopathy medicine only so nothing now.it was at the age of 25 years. i used to feel sleepy and had runny nose on both the sides.

Particular and past history - 

There is bloating of stomach increases after eating.
There is left side shoulder pain.pain is like as if there is boil with pus.it is there since 5 to 6 months now.

Pain in soles that increases by walking.

Varicose veins: it is there in the lower limb since 4 years now.itching is there and sometimes burning pain.

K/C/O : HTN, cholesterol and thyroid.

Operation for family planning done 30 years ago.

2 years ago I had a lot of white discharge. Pep smear was done and it is normal.mammography is also normal.the discharge was not sticky, slightly yellowish and watery.

Cataract has started in my left eye.

Memory has also become weak.

Vertigo by looking downwards and during acidity and headache.

Physical Generals -

Food: dont like fried food. i like sweets. i like sour food more but do not drink due to acidity

Thirst: it is more.

Urine: cant control urine. passes urine by sneezing also.

Stool: not satisfactory. Stomach is bloated. desire for motion occurs after waking up.

Sweat: neck and in stomach after walk and exercise.

Thermal : winter i like. There is a headache in the sun. There is a headache in my forehead after exposure to sun.

Menses: LMP was at the age of 47 years and it was regular for 3 days. flow was less and liquid flow. i have 2 children.1 son and 1 daughter.1 st son died after 15 days as we have the same blood group.

Sleep/dreams: I get 5 to 6 hours. Not on the back but more on the right side. sometimes sleepless due to overexertion. Once I wake up then I don't get to sleep.
Dreams of death, accidents, marriage get together, people eating food. dreams of dead relatives. Now dreams have been reduced after taking medicines since 1.5 years.( Arnica was given in past for acute complaints )

Basic nature: I get irritated if there is no cleanliness. if someone doesn't listen to me then i get irritated. if someone tells me anything then also i get irritated. i don't say what i did not like but i keep in mind for long. i cant speak directly on face. i hear but don't say anything. I like to be busy. If i sit then i get lazy. i like to be active the whole day. if i sleep in the afternoon, dont get sleep at night so i avoid sleeping in afternoon.

I like to cook food for all .I don't like dirty houses at all. whole house must be clean.
I wake up early in the morning and complete my work and clean the whole house. That is the habit. Husband has a habit  of telling me if the food is not cooked well. then the same thing repeats in mind why it happened like that.

Stressful situation:

Sister passed away due to cancer and my brother had Aids.his health was not good so I was worried what will happen to him.I keep on worrying.same things go on in mind.

I was a marathi teacher.i do all my work by myself only.my working and talking is speedy.i had strict nature.now i am retired.i took vrs at 57.

Childhood nature: Father passed away due to an accident so I am more scared of accidents. I couldn't learn to drive due to fear of an accident. I was eldest. i wanted to help mother. i have 3 sisters and 2 brothers.so all the household responsibilities, cooking, taking care of siblings, all these responsibilities increased in 6th class itself. i did not like to ask for money. i have only one friend. household responsibilities are more. I like to do craft work, rangoli and making sweaters. But confidence was always less what if i said something wrong. i didn't know only how to do things. i was afraid what if people will laugh at me.

Fear: fear of falling suddenly. if children are about to fall my heart beats increase. I like to be in company. alone I get bored. Don't like to sit idle. need to do some work.

Family history :

Brother: aids and diabetes.
Sister: ca breast
Aunt: paralysis.

Nature by daughter in law - Very active and energetic. Pre-planning more. assumptions more. she likes cleanliness more. very kind otherwise.

Medicine: Advise Bellies Per 30 one dose was given followed by sac lac for a month.
Bellies Per was selected on the base of Miasm looks cancer - Perfectionist Varicose vein, Headache with acidity Headache from occiput to back.
Follow up on 12th June
Acidity Better by 70%.
Knee pain is better by 20%
Headache < sour things.
Hair fall < combing
Left shoulder pain better
Appetite NAD
Thirst NAD
Stool NAD
Urine NAD
Sleep NAD
Advised to continue sac lac for next 1 month.


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Dr. Nidhi, a highly skilled healthcare professional, has conducted a significant case study on the effectiveness of homeopathic medicine for acidity. Her study focuses on understanding and treating patients with symptoms of acidity using homeopathic remedies. Dr. Nidhi's expertise in homeopathy and her holistic approach have proven successful in diagnosing and addressing acidity-related issues. The case study highlights her clinical approach, treatment strategies, and the positive outcomes achieved under her guidance. Throughout the study, Dr. Nidhi encountered patients who presented with symptoms such as heartburn, stomach discomfort, and acid reflux.
She conducted thorough assessments, considering factors such as diet, lifestyle, and individual health history. With a holistic approach, Dr. Nidhi aimed to alleviate acidity symptoms, restore balance to the digestive system, and provide relief using homeopathic medicine for acidity treatment. Her study showcases the effectiveness of homeopathy in addressing acidity-related concerns and improving overall well-being.


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