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Case Study Homeopathy for Anxiety Relief

Balancing Emotions: Homeopathy for Anxiety Relief

Homeopathy for Anxiety is a way of using natural remedies to help with feelings of anxiety. It’s special because it looks at both your emotions and your body to find a solution that’s just right for you. These homeopathy medicine for anxiety are gentle but strong, working alongside your body’s own healing power. Instead of just treating the surface, Homeopathy for Anxiety tries to understand why you’re feeling anxious and aims to bring back a sense of calm and balance. It’s like having a personalized friend helping you feel better in a natural and gentle way.

Dr. Nidhi Pandya stands as a lighting of hope for individuals seeking effective relief from anxiety through homeopathy. With her profound expertise and compassionate approach, she offers specialized treatment focused on Homeopathy for Anxiety Relief. Dr. Pandya’s holistic approach considers the intricate connections between the mind, body, and emotions, aiming to restore balance and tranquility to those grappling with anxiety. Her dedication to providing personalized care ensures that each patient receives a tailored treatment plan, addressing their unique needs and concerns. Through her guidance and the power of homeopathy, Dr. Nidhi Pandya assists individuals on their journey towards finding inner calm and reclaiming their mental well-being.

A Case Study Anxiety

Age: 43 years
Occupation: school teacher

Complain of:

I have the issue of anxiety allopathy doctor told this. There is suffocation and I have to take deep breath after the medicine the intensity and frequency is less but it still happens. It started before 4 years and I felt as if someone has put pillow over my nose. There is heaviness in head. It starts anytime in the day during the day hours after I wake up. After I start my routine. If someone touch my nose then it is uncomfortable. Even strong smell is uncomfortable.

It started all of a sudden. I used to get many thoughts that there may be issues with heart or lungs but doctor told about anxiety issue. Stressful situation: in June 21 father passed away and it affected me a lot. periodically I recall him and I feel that there is some mistake in giving him medical treatment.

I get mostly negative thoughts. I get tension very easily if someone is not well in the house I get tensed. I get tension in small small things. Sensitive nature. I feel bad very easily about anyone telling me anything. Tension is mainly related to future and about the health of family members.

Husband has cholesterol and blood pressure so I have tension recurrently get negative thoughts about his health. what if he leaves me. there is always uncertainty. my mother lives alone and my father has expired so I get her tension also.

I like shopping clothes, eating different variety of foods, making different variety of food. I like mostly spicy food. Otherwise my nature is very calm and not Bindass. Even if I want some leave in school where I work I get fear about how to ask for leave so I avoid as much as possible. Once I get the leave then I feel relaxed. I have the fear of going towards the head of the school. fear is mainly related to what he will say. that boldness and strongness is not there in me.

The fear is mainly about what the other person will say. If I ask for leave and if he rudely tells me something then!! I cannot back answer, and I remain silent. Afterwards I feel very sad. I feel like crying and I get upset. I think why he is scolded me and rudely behaved with me? I keep on thinking this anyone behaving rudely with me I don’t like and I can’t tell them anything also. It remains all in within me. I have a habit of less talking. I talk only as much as it is required.

I get anger when cleanliness is not there around. if the things are here in there scattered in the house I get very angry. I need everything organized. I have this issue of increase heart beats when anyone call at night time my heartbeat increases. Weakness in my legs. then I start scolding the other person. Sometimes when I am sad I cannot express myself.

Family history:

Father: thyroid issue
Mother: diabetes mellitus
Grandparents: diabetes mellitus


Skin: I have warts on neck and chest region The warts are movable.

Eyes: there is white spot in eyes. There was also an ulcer in the eyes. There was lot of burning and I could not see the light and was in the left eye.

Throat: recurrent throat irritation. burning pain I need to clear the throat frequently.

Legs: cramp in legs. that occurs in night time only and on left side.

Dreams: I get the dreams. mostly negative dreams that someone near has passed away and I wake up suddenly. the effect of it lasts for 2 days. I feel like I have just heard about the death and I got upset. weakness in the legs. I get very sad in the dream. I also get a dream of dog bite and I wake up suddenly.

Breathlessness episode: There is a feeling of suffocation if someone has put pillow over my nose and pressing it hard. Lot of discomfort. I feel like everything is packed in surrounding and there is no air to breathe. I’m not getting enough open air to breath. I have fear of men I cannot talk easily with them Mainly fear of high authority and I try to avoid them.

Childhood nature: I was shy and fearful. introvert nature. not even talking freely with family members. I always want mother around me. I could not express my feelings. but people can come to know from my face that I did not like something but I cannot speak. I cannot tell anything directly. I have stage fear. If I am told to speak in front of people then I feel how will that be possible by me and I get weakness in legs

Very weak decision making power I need to discuss everything with my family I cannot decide anything firmly. Recently we took a house and I was not able to decide which is better. whenever any selection making occurs always the things come in my mind whether this is okay or not.

If anyone talks rudely with me I get upset and I start crying. sometimes if I say something rude then I feel what other person will be feeling and I take care the other person doesn’t feel bad. I always put myself at their place.

There is always a feeling of not being able to do anything. will I be able to do this, I cannot do this. kind of thoughts come in my mind. I get fear from people. I feel what if I make some mistake and people will think she doesn’t even know this much! I cannot do anything wrong with anybody.

Hobbies and interest: I like music shopping, shopping of ethnic clothes. eating different food varieties and travelling.

Rx Cocculus 200 (Stat) SL*BD*15 days
Follow up:
14/02/2023 –
– Patient is better.
– Breathing issues reduced.
– Urine – feels as if bladder gets full easily.
Can control it for 1 hour but passes little quantity.
– Throat – loss of voice (took allopathic Rx)
– First LMP – 10/01/2023
– Second LMP – 1st day only spotting lasted for 5 – 6 days
– There is pain but no appearance of menses
Physical general –
– Appetite – Good
– Thirst – Normal
– Bowels – Satisfactory
– Sleep – NAD
– Dreams – Not specific
Cocculus 200(Stat)
– Breathing c/o better by 90%
– She felt slight c/o
– First LMP on 28/03/2023
– Second LMP on 18/04/2023

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