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Headache Treatment in Pimple Saudagar Pune Platinum Family Clinic
Headache Treatment in Pimple Saudagar Pune Platinum Family Clinic

Analyzing Success: A Case Study on Headache Treatment

Irritating and bothersome, headaches can disrupt daily life significantly. Opting for homeopathic headache treatment provides a way to address these symptoms effectively without resorting to potentially harmful medications. Homeopathy delves into the root causes of headaches, which can be attributed to various factors, by utilizing natural remedies tailored to the individual's unique symptoms and constitution.

Homeopathic headache treatment focuses on enhancing the body's own healing mechanisms, aiming for long-term relief and improved overall well-being. These remedies are safe, non-invasive, and free from side effects, making them an excellent choice for individuals seeking a natural and effective way to alleviate headaches and their underlying causes.

Let's see the case study for headache treatment

Age : 48 years

Complain of :

I have thyroid issue since 12 to 13 years. Since 4 years I am taking medicine. After covid i am not better some how. First it was not like this. Now i have to manage with people in gathering as i dont feel comfortable with people. When i go out, i have pain in eyes and headache. Then i adjust to the situation. I got covid during the first wave. there was weakness and lack of energy. There was also fungus infection, stomach problem and acidity was also there. Appetite had also reduced, cant take heavy food because I get bloating and acidity when i take fried food and spicy food. At home i feel comfortable but outside i get headache, pain above the eyes.I feel better by sitting with eyes closed and does not like to open it.
Headache is more at 11 to 12 am and in evening at 5 to 6 pm. It is better by eating. When there is lack of sleep at night there is headache and if i sleep better at night then I feel good the next day. Sometimes i get thoughts till 1 to 2 am. Thoughts are related to society, family planning of the next day, thoughts related to my health also.I feel its all with us and how we take the situation with time i have become mature.

Fear : fear of heights,darkness,horror.I cant stay in dark alone.This fear was before but now i can go. I control and manage things.I chant gods name and will tell myself that nothing to fear.

Childhood :

I had shy nature. I was afraid of father. I was not able to express. I was afraid of parents and was not comfortable with them. Parents used to scold me and were very angry with me at times. With mother i am somewhat comfortable but not with father. If you talk properly with me then i can manage but if you hurt me then i dont like. If someone calls me suddenly with loud noise then i get scared and i get shuddering. If someone comes from behind then also i get scared. I cant talk freely and comfortably with parents.

Comfort : when u can talk with free mind and being relaxed without any pressure is comfort for me First i used to manage work related pressure but now finding it difficult. I am more comfortable with friends but i dont go in society. I don't like gathering as they are not people of my type or people of my level or background.

I have cervical problem since 2 to 3 years. There is neck and shoulder pain mostly on right side. There is stiffness in fingers also.

Stressful situation : Possessive about son's health. He has health issue since past 22 years so i feel my thyroid is due to that only. How will be the future, whether he will be able to manage now. I always think what if he gets a wheelchair but then i think less about it.

Not having own house yet. Our home should be there. Now it is under construction but i am much happy. There is lack of interest in all things now which first i used to do like shopping clothes, jewellery also but after covid health has become more important now for me.

Basic nature : I am very emotional person. I get hurt very easily but now i control this.I get attached with people easily but then i get hurt from them only then i become very sad and i cry. I cant see emotional scenes as i get emotional by seeing such things.

I get hurt mostly due to family issues There are issues in joint family like cheating, jealousy so that affected me before but now i have no interest in that also. I let it be now. There was jealous issue with me also when i get attached with anyone with full heart, if that person hurt i feel very bad so i don't get attach much now. I like change in every situation. I get bored in same situation.
I am very systematic and organized .I like neat and clean only. House should be well organized. Every thing should be at its place only. If it is not like that i get irritation. Before thyroid there was lot of issue between sister - in-laws. Husband also didn't listen to me. I used to be alone and cry. I have struggled a lot, seen lot of negativity, spent many sleepless nights.
I feel i don't want to fall and want to fight back. now i feel they made me strong.

Physical generals :

Food : I get bored by eating same food i need change. Intolerance ; spicy and nonveg i like but does not suit me, milk causes bloating.

Thirst : normal. If i talk constantly i get dryness in throat. Then i drink water. I feel solid saliva or cough is stuck in throat.

Urine : sometimes burning in urination. Itching and burning in vagina also.

Menses : Menopause now. Last was when i was 41 years .before that flow was there with many clots and stains were difficult to remove. White discharge after copper. It was thick, sticky and yellowish.
I had 2 abortions. i have one son and one daughter.

Stool : no constipation. I have more loose stool only.i have leaky gut after eating immediately urge used to come that i can't control.2 times a day loose less solid stool.

Thermal : Heat i cant tolerate. I like pleasant rainy weather.

Sweat : not much.

Sleep : either side but not comfortable on back.

Dreams : I see dreams related to past more.i see grandmothers house. Dreams of dead relatives like aunt, father, mother in law, grandparents. Son is in wrong situation. He is drowning in water and I am trying to save him.

Past history : Thyroid.

Family history :

Father : Thyroid, HTN, heart disease
Mother : diabetes, uterus removed
Aunt : HTN, heart disease.
Grandmother : HTN, breast cancer.

Particulars :

Eyes : lazy eyes on right side. left eye is supporting me.

Ear : there is hole in tympanic membrane in right ear. Doctor said if there is no problem then leave it as it is.

Throat : throat pain by eating cold things. Tonsils swell of both sides but more in right side. I like to eat hot food and not cold food.

Gums : I get swelling of gums.

Legs : Soles are painful, cant even walk comfortably. There is weakness in the body. There is back pain also lower back pain above buttocks on right side. Bending forward causes back pain. Physical exertion increases back pain.

Prescription :

Sanguinaria 30

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