Homeopathy Schizophrenia Treatment Case Study: A Path to Recovery

Dr. Nidhi, a renowned homeopathic practitioner, brings her expertise and deep understanding of the homeopathy schizophrenia treatment approach.

In this compelling case study, we explore the transformative journey of a patient diagnosed with schizophrenia as they navigate the path to recovery. With a focus on providing effective schizophrenia treatment. Dr. Nidhi is a highly respected professional known for her exceptional guidance in homeopathy schizophrenia treatment in Pune PCMC

Patient Age : 41 years.

Complain of :

There is a headache and a lot of uneasiness. I get dreams of snakes, dreams of small children in the hands of a Marwadi lady. I get snakes in dreams and sometimes there is Naagin in the dream which appears in the form of a Marwadi lady. Suddenly there will be headache, heaviness in the chest, and Uneasiness. This complaint has been there for 10-12 years. Nagin comes out of the toilet that I am cleaning. We live in a joint family. I have been married for 23 years now. that Marwadi lady wears black clothes and there are small children in her hand. I also dream that I am feeding small children of 1 year. I also have dreams of water. Whenever I have to attend a function I get ready for that and suddenly my health is affected where there are a lot of mood swings. After getting ready I get mood off.
Headache occurs when I am doing Pooja sitting in front of God. With medicine it was good but it occurs sometimes. If the intensity of headache is less I do my work but if it is more I have to lie down or sleep after which I feel good. I also feel good by doing Gayatri Mantra, Om Mantra and doing dhup and Diya. There is heaviness in the chest sometimes during a headache. I feel good by exercising, walking, and by listening to music.
Sometimes I feel like laughing and sometimes I start crying.

Dreams: Naagin is coming out of the toilet. Recently I had this dream that I was angry at Nagin, holding her from neck and telling her not to trouble me. It is black coloured snake that I took in my hand and pushed inside the toilet. I also know the name of that Marwadi lady. Her name is Rupa. I feel she is inside me. I also feel that goddess is sitting on my head.

Initially 4-5 years after marriage there was no complaint. We were living in a joint family. In the morning 11:00 a.m. I was cleaning the toilet and suddenly I saw this snake coming out of the toilet and going outside from the door. My mother in law and Devrani were there only but they could not see it. Only I was able to see that. I took many psychiatric medicines for this complaint. I used to sit with people but my mind used to be somewhere else only. I also used to get many suicidal thoughts. I used to feel like crying, and used to recite gods names.

In the initial years of marriage I used to feel that my husband loved me only inside the room and not in the presence of all. I used to see everyone’s husband how they used to love and praise their wife in front of all. But my husband did not do that so I used to feel bad and cry. I felt that he doesn’t love me and my children. This situation was there before and not now.

A Marwadi lady used to come in my vision during the intercourse also. she used to spoil the entire mood. She used to tell me that I have only made you like this. I am inside you only. she used to tell me nothing is yours and everything is mine. I used to feel as if she was putting legs on my chest so I am feeling happy. Recently she is telling me that you have done good work so I will give you everything and I will give you peace and leave your body. But she is not leaving my body. All these complaints started after we shifted to our own house. Before when we were living on rent this complaints were not there.

Basic nature : I have a mixing nature. I need everything to be done on time. I have one son and one daughter. I had to abortions that were induced. Two normal deliveries. I get a lot of bad dreams related to sex. I wonder why I get such dreams. How can I dream like this? Got the dream of a Marwadi lady trying to kill me. She has taken my husband and my children away from me. I am feeling very much alone. Then I start reciting God’s name.

Sometimes I feel why it happens with me only..why people go away from me..i get irritated. I feel no one is mine. All praise my devrani and i do so much for all but no one praises me. Sometimes I feel jealous of her. I have done a lot of religious work then also i have to suffer all this! I felt better by talking with you.!

Nature by daughter : She is irritable by nature. keeps on shouting at us all the time if work does not complete on time. She gets a headache very often and needs to lie down. if she gets ready for any function then she feels low and depressed. She had issues with papa’s behavior. She complains that papa does not give enough time to her.not giving enough attention to her. She has a habit of overthinking.

Physical generals :

Food : likes tea , icecream and milk.
Thirst : increased.
Urination : UTI 7 yrs ago.there was fever,yellowish urine.there was burning pain during urination
stool : issue of constipation 4 yrs ago. Took homeopathy medicine for it.
Menses : Pain in abdomen before menses. After 8-10 days of menses there is white discharge. White discharge is sticky. There are clots in periods with bright red blood.
Sweat : more on forehead.
Thermal : can’t tolerate cold. feels weak and low in cold.
Particulars : The headache begins in the forehead and goes to the back portion of the head. There was swelling in the right wrist for which surgery was done. Knee pain was there on the right side 7 years ago. Back pain increases in winter and feels better by warm water.
Childhood : I was shy by nature didn’t speak much. i have 2 brothers. Father was very strict. As a child I had fear of darkness and feeling like someone will try to kill me!! I am seeing that in my dream and trying to wake up but no one wakes up.

Differential Diagnosis between Lac can and Hyoscyamus was done. Hyoscyamus was prescribed in 200 potency one dose.

The Patient is doing well after that.

With Dr. Nidhi’s guidance, individuals seeking homeopathy schizophrenia treatment in Pune PCMC can find renewed hope and a comprehensive approach to their well-being. Her expertise, coupled with a deep-rooted passion for patient care, has helped numerous individuals on their path to recovery, empowering them to lead fulfilling lives despite the challenges posed by schizophrenia. Struggling with schizophrenia? Dr. Nidhi offers more than just medical expertise; she offers hope and a helping hand. Her holistic schizophrenia treatments are tailored to address each individual’s unique needs

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