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A Case Of Gerd And Eczema Treatment


A Case Of Gerd And Eczema Treatment

Age: 42
Occupation : IT
Date: 4/10/23

A patient Complain of:

Something is stuck up and gas is not passing. If i sleep on right side there is blocking in heart. It started in 2020.need to sleep on left side. i had eczema since young age. taking allopathic medicine. it started at age of 19 years first on right hand.
There is pain in left side flexing of leg there is pain

Eczema: there is itching and hard skin. by scratching liquid used to come out. skin is dry. watery transparent fluid come out. it is more at night and itching is more in cold and dryness.

All my health issues starts in evening and it is at peak at night.

Belching : loud eructations and i feel blockages in chest region. i feel gas not passing after 2020.there is belching problem. loud eructations all the time. hastric problem is hereditary. Due to belching eating is less. if i drink water i feel blockages.

After dinner it is at peak. at night i sit in vajrasan and walk. with eructation i feel better. better by sleeping on left side. blockage is less on left side. it is more by lying on right side and back.


Something is blocking here. stuckup. not clear in throat. something in thorat not allowing to pass. like if there is a tube and there is some resistance and water will not pass. flow is not smooth.

When belt is tight and i flex legs then there is pain in left waist. May be small stone?

At the age of 22 years i used to get fever. I had major fracture and surgery was done.

History of taking lot of antibiotics.

Spondylosis at age of 17 years. there was neck pain and back pain. there was numbness in left hand. vitamin D injection taken.

I dont like much fan. i keep my face covered while sleeping.

Family history:

Father: cancer
Mother: aplastic anaemia.

Craving for sweets after food. i prefer warm water. i like warm. i need lot of woolen dont like cold. i need blanket. Chilly patient.

In evening i get loneliness. i feel i need someone. i was introvert. but now once club. i still have shyness. Sometimes i have lack of confidence due to looks and colour complexion. i have little friends.

I was having wart. it was contagious. Last year got laser done. it was blackish wart. it was like colony of warts. sometimes itching. it was on left side of face.

Head : 2 to 3 moles on scalp. i break it. there is stiffness.

Eye: in lockdown lot of eye strain ,lot of pain above eyes. Dryness is there in eyes.

Root canals done right side was first affected right upper and then left side.

I also had fear of retake.

There is pain after intercourse. Pain in penis and pain in between testes and in thighs.

There is blocking during ejaculation and urination not moving out not getting out feeling.

Physical generals:

Food: craving for sweets after food. there is stomach pain by eating eggs and bakery items.

Thirst: more.3 to 4 lit per day due to belching i take less.

Urine : something blocking in urination need to force urine .

Stool : if stool is not clear i get pain in penis Something is stuck up there is feeling of passing more urine

Sweat: more during nervousness there is adequate sweat.

Thermal: chilly patient.


Not good sleep. it breaks in between lot of dreams. i have consciousness whether door is closed so i wake up to close the door.


I am in situation where i am stuck up. i am in a place and i have to come out.

I get intuition also and it is more negative. if i think this will happen then it will happen. i have fear of executing things. in dreams i see strangers only.

Sleeping is on left side. Talking and walking in sleep.

Fears.: someone will come thief fear of robbery. Anyone can kill us. So i keep on checking doors. i am overprotective and well organized .i keep my clothes proper and i keep my house tidy. i like cleanliness. House should be tidy. If it is not like that I get angry. I keep everything organized.

I don’t like governance I like to do things alone. Everything should be done in my own way. Should be organized and uniform. I don’t like changes.

Basic nature:

I was shy and introvert but now I talk with others I give guidance and I also mentor people.

I don’t like to be controlled. I feel angry if someone questions me. I have ego problem. How can someone control me. Fear of being judged by people. What people will tell about you?.

If someone is trying to control I feel like slave and reluctantly do things like in a prison. it is a still condition. Still means steady.

I do lot of retrospection about myself. I don’t like much Sports. I like to watch TV, movies but not activity I am a bit lazy
Don’t like much physical work.

Stressful situation

When mother and father passed away but I overcome that situation. I have a habit of moving on.


I have one younger brother. Not many friends. Financial situation was average. I did not like much expenses. Mother was under the pressure of in laws. I also have that discrimination with siblings about looks. I have fear of getting judged. What will people tell about me and my looks. I also have teach fear and lot of nervousness when I am in front of strangers. Once I’m comfortable it is okay. In nervousness there is shaking of legs and I would cry. There is fear of facing people as i feel I won’t be able to perform. I feel I am stuck up in between.

Stuck: stopped. Not able to continue. Interrupted.

In my project also when sir ask me some question then there is a pressure of creating impact on people so I become blank yes I don’t find words and I feel stuck up.

left sided complains
blocked sensation
throat block complains
agg by tight clothing
ON 7/11/23
patient is better 60 to 70 %
generals better
so given sl 1 month
follow up on 5 / 1/24
acidity complains better
stuck feeling in throat better
eructations better
eczema complains on and off
sl 1 month.

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