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Date 6/11/2023
Age: 25 years.
Occupation: household work.
patient Complain of white discharge. there is boil kind of eruption near anus.itching also occurs there.itching is more in evening. There is pain during period more in 2 and 3 rd day.there is no pain on 1st day.headache is more in afternoon and night. In eyes i feel some dust is there and it is stitching inside. There is also pain in chest and burning sensation also there in chest. There are white iching spits on skin since 5 to 6 months.

White discharge: whitish and sticky in between periods. there is pain in hands and legs. Pain in knee with crackling sound. In morning there is more pain in knee. first started in left side 2 to 3 years now.

Piles: swelling at the place of anus and it comes out during motions .while sitting also it protrudes out in front portion. itching and burning occurs which is better by warm water. there was pain in rectum. that swelling was painful and something drawing kind of pain was there. the pain goes upwards to stomach. it is there since 4 to 5 years.

The ring finger of right hand sometimes become numb. and there is pain also. it is there since 4 to 5 months. it is more in morning.

Headache: It starts from eye above and then it goes behind. it reduces in 4 to 5 hours. it increases after sun exposure. if i take tension then also headache occurs. if i bend down there is pain.
There is burning pain in chest and bending causes chest pain near bone. there is no improvement with medicine.

Menses: there are clots and pain in legs on 2 nd day.

There are white spots and itching is better by scratching.

Waking up in morning there is fear.my father passed away since 3 months. what if he comes from nowhere. He used to shout on us now when he passed away there is more fear. it was like shock. I was feeling cold and had fever.my hands and legs were very cold like ice and i was nervous. that fear is still there and not going away.

At the time of delivery my blood pressure was very high and i had convulsion in whole body.2 times i had convulsion. I was unconscious for 12 to 13 hours.

If i eat anything cold, sweet then there is pain in teeth inside. it is drawing pain.

I had swelling in soft palate. water and blood came out of it. it was big and burst on its own.

Physical generals:

Food: like sweets very much. I have gas problem also.

Thirst: more thirst.

Urine : nothing specific

Stool : once there was bleeding.

Sweat: not much

Thermal: doesn’t like heat. cold i like. i dont like anything tight around neck. hot patient.

Sleep: cant sleep. there are thoughts in mind. i start thinking. if there is cold i get sleep. not in heat sleep on left side.

Dreams: i get dreams of god. i am going to do some pooja. Dream of snake also 3 years ago.

Fear: darkness fear of falling somewhere. Not able to see anything in darkness and falling. i will get hurt and blood may come out. if i see down from height i get vertigo fear of getting burn as there is burning pain in there.

Basic nature:

I cry easily while talking to mother. I like neat and clean more if it is not like that i get irritated.

Lachesis 30 stat
sl bd 15 days
ON 15/12/2023
palpitations decreased
itching reduced at anal region
hunger soon after eating
vertigo one episode
hepar sulph 30 stat dose
based on complementary of lachesis
follow up on 18/1/24
itching anal region much better
vertigo since 4 days
cracking sound reduced
headaches better
generals better otherwise
hepar sulph 30 stat
sl bd 15 days.

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