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More and more people are turning to homeopathic treatment for fissures because it is known for being gentle and holistic. In this case study, we will learn about a patient who chose homeopathic treatment for an anal fissure. This type of treatment focuses on finding and treating the main causes of the fissure, helping the body heal itself naturally. By sharing this case study, we can learn about how effective homeopathic treatment can be for fissures. It can bring relief and improve the well-being of individuals who are dealing with this condition.

A Case Study of Fissures

Age: 39 years
Occupation: working in an IT company.

Complain of : 
Problem regarding piles and fissures.it is almost 1 year now. there was bleeding in stool.it was better with medicine but burning pain while passing the stool is still there. Burning pain continues till 1 to 2 hours after the stool. there were internal piles and fissures. doctor diagnosed that the diameter of rectum is reduced. It should be ideally 3 cm but mine was 2 cm. i took their medicine but no improvement so i came to this clinic.

I also had issues with acidity and constipation. The burning pain is better by touching cold thing in that area. the complain also increases by taking alcohol, non veg food, outside food. i need to apply more pressure while passing stool and there is very much burning pain. i feel there is some swelling in that area and as if something poking inside sharply. there is pain while passing the stool and pain is there after sitting for long time.

Thirst : 4 lit of water i drink and thirst is for 2 to 3 liter only but i drink more due to constipation.

Stool : Stool is hard ,dark brownish throughout. cracks in the first part of stool. There are drops of blood after the stool blood is bright red in colour.

history of grade 2 fatty liver and increased cholesterol levels. then i was triggered and changed my lifestyle. i got involved in sports and exercise before my wright was 81 and now it is 71 kg.

Physical general -

Food : I like more non veg food. fish, mutton, chicken are my favourite. take beer once or twice a week. i take all leafy vegetables and home made food mostly. i take medium spicy food and occasionally desire for non veg.

Urine : nothing specific

Stool : 2 times per day.

Sweating : less.

Thermal : can't tolerate Hot. I get dizziness and headache in direct sunlight.i don't take much covering.legs remain outside only..hot patient.

Sleep : Sound sleep. i keep on talking about something in sleep. In sleep I feel I am falling so I wake up suddenly frightened. but it is rare. I usually lie on either the right side or left side.

Dreams : I get dreams of snakes but it is not frequent. there is an encounter between me and snake and i am trying to escape.it is one blackish snake coming behind me and i am trying to run. Dreams of falling from height. I woke up scared. I have a fear of heights and I get vertigo at  height. Also dream of war at the border. I am there and bullets are coming at me and I am trying to run. I am trying to escape and I have fear of death.

Fear :  height,  water.

Basic nature : I am a very lively person and I don't like being lonely. I like to be with friends and family. I like bigger teams and we are together mostly. I like company. I like travelling, music, and cooking food. I don't like when I have planned certain things in order and when due to dependency on some person the thing doesn't occur. Then I get irritated. I am sensitive about my family. when something hurting or bad thing i listen about family i get emotional. I feel sad. I like gardening. I feel sad if plants die. Someone close to me and if something happens to them i feel sad. I like to stay organized and follow the time table. I get pressure related to work.it is very hectic at times. i don't like scattered things. I sort it out and arrange it without waiting for a maid or wife. i like planning plus organization. I am otherwise extrovert and confident person. I like creating an impact and positive impression on people. Childhood was easy going. target should meet was my aim. not highly ambitious but exam should get cleared. i have 2 brothers and 3 sisters. My number is 3 rd.my aim is to give my best when in front of people in meetings.

Observation : flat warts on neck.

Family history : History of hypertension and diabetes in the family.

Ratania 30 one dose was given, followed by sac lac 30 bd for 5 days.

6 June 2023
Patient is better by 40 to 50 %
Complaints reappeared if Non veg taken
Appetite NAD
Thirst NAD
Stool Hard since 2 to 3 days.
Urine NAD
Sleep NAD
Advised to Take Ratania 30 one dose and sac lac bd for a month
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