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From Case to Cure: Homeopathy For Varicose Veins – A Success Story


A case study of varicose veins :

Dealing with discomfort from varicose veins can significantly affect your daily life, limiting mobility and overall well-being. Conventional methods typically include painkillers or surgical procedures, but an alternative, gentle solution exists Homeopathy For Varicose Veins. This holistic approach addresses the root cause and promotes overall health, offering a natural and effective option for those seeking relief from varicose vein-related concerns.

Varicose veins are a prevalent concern impacting individuals of all ages, from young children to seniors. In the realm of medical advancements, various options now exist for addressing varicose vein issues. Homeopathy, a natural and holistic approach to treating a range of medical conditions, stands out as one of these options. This case study will delve into the growing popularity of Homeopathy For Varicose Veins and explore the unique benefits it offers in alleviating this condition.

Patient age 55 Complain of Since 88 i have complain of Varicosities was not painful before but now since one year it is painful. i am taking homeopathy medicine since one year and there is improvement in pain but swelling is still there. it started on right side near knee joint with medicine veins that were swollen before have reduced in size but since last 4 days as medicines are off the burning pain has again started there are varicose veins on right side and spider veins on left side pain increases by sitting down bending the joint there is no pain while standing or walking climbing up and down the stairs increases the pain. burning starts when standing from bed the pain is not everyday. It can occur on any part of the day.

Past history and particulars:

4 to 5 years ago i had eruptions in left elbow first then it came on right elbow and it came on borders of ears also then it reduced after the medicines. then after starting this homeopathy medicines i got round circular patches on my private part. it was like round rings. there was lot of itching and burning pain was also there. i wanted to sit in cold water. During that time i had kept a separate bed for me so that other family members are not infected with that germs.

I also have asthma. Piles were operated 2 to 3 times. I had joint pain also all joints were stiff bone used to grow still it is there medicine for that was started in 2004. When i was 12 years i had fever there was joint pain complaint also in childhood. After marriage for 16 years we had no children. all the treatment for that were taken.

When i had gone for admission of my daughter in hostel for first time to drop her i got suddenly headache and vertigo and then lateral vision of my eye was lost. it was paralysis of eyes though everything was safe there but still as a mother I had this worry.

Asthma first occurred in 89.it increases by change of weather allergy issue was also there. 100 to 150 sneeze at a time. it aggravates by cold, sour food. i like sour food a lot.

2 to 3 times operated for piles there was lot of burning sensation in after stool. When i sit down and rise up there is vertigo like feeling and heaviness in the back of the head.

Physical generals:

Food: Like sour food a lot. I like sweet also after eating i don’t feel like doing anything just want to sleep.

Thirst: Is towards less side.

Urine: In first part it starts but then i need to wait for 1 to 2 seconds to start the flow again. I have to sit long to finish urination.

Thermal: can’t tolerate much hot. kicks off the coverings at night. hot patient.

Sleep and dreams: Sleep is good. i cant remember the dreams. but one dream i can recall is that i have house and it is not having pester. it is remaining half incomplete. i also see a river in dream sometimes. I don’t remember things much becoming for grateful.

Stool: Nothing specific.

Sweat: More on upper lip and in back the odor of sweat is very offensive their was circular patch in underarms but i was not itching.

Basic nature: We used to live in village. we are six siblings and i am the youngest. i like to talk with friends a lot. but with strangers it takes time.

Till today i recall my parents.(weeping). I like to help others. I also prepare food of others wish only. I do get angry but only on family members. if anyone tells me something then i think it is due to some problem in me only. if husband has offended me then i get angry and don’t talk to him for days.

I get emotional soon. Cant see anyone in tears whether known or unknown. I cant see anyone in much pain or injury. i get vertigo by seeing such things. it has happened 2 to 3 times. i don’t like to do things hastily. I do it slowly and with comfort and ease.

Stressful situation: We had been to society party and there was my sister in-law’s house also something had happened and they pushed me and my husband out of the house that time was stressful as it was insulting situation.

I don’t like to remain alone. i like company. I want to enjoy life and want everyone to enjoy life.

Many people do tirtha yatra but i don’t want to do. i have always remained in comfortable way and that yatra involves a lot of hard work. i like to remain at home and do the routine work. I like to do all the household work like cleanliness i like to do stitching work.

Family history:

Grandmother: cancer of breast.
Mother: asthma
Sister and brother: joint pains.
Family history of hypertension.

Nature by daughter: She at times gets very hyper. likes evening walk. She likes to talk with people and have positive attitude.

Prescription on 24 july 23
Calcarea fluorica 30 stat

Joint pains
Cannot sit on floor
Tight as if if sits on floor and cracking sound

Follow up 11 / 8 / 2023
Knee tightness reduced
Cracking reduce
Knee pain better
Heavy ness of legs better
Swelling of rt leg present
Calcarea fluorica 30 stat

knee pain better
Generals better.
Numbness of soles occasionally
Swelling rt legs decreased
Calcarea fluorica 30 stat
Sl bd 1 month

About Platinum Family Clinic –

Are you facing persistent challenges in your life due to discomfort in your legs? It’s time to restore your well-being with Homeopathy For Varicose Veins. Our dedicated team specializes in addressing discomfort and offering effective solutions for associated issues.

We adopt a personalized approach to understand your unique triggers and symptoms, ensuring you receive the right treatment tailored to your needs. Say farewell to discomfort and stride through life with confidence.

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