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A Case Study of a 42 Years Old Female Irregular Periods

Homeopathic Irregular Periods Treatment

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Case Details – 42 Years Old Female Homeopathic Irregular Periods Treatment.

Patient Occupation: Teacher

Complain of :
Irregular periods. It comes one week early. If anything happens related to my body it gives me tension. Periods only for 1.5 days. Last it came on 10 the dec to 15 Dec so for the first time it came for 5 days. Yesterday’s period was like someone has opened a tap. There was a lot of weakness. I was afraid so I went for sonography and there is a fibroid in the uterus and a cyst. I don’t know what is the issue with me now you have to tell me. Till 4:30 am I could not sleep due to this tension about what will happen to my daughter, people should ask me how are you. I like sympathy and appreciation a lot. I like to listen to my name a lot. I want to achieve more but due to my daughter, I am not able to do so.i want to fly but I can’t. I don’t have guts. There is fear. My daughter is asthmatic, so I am afraid of sending her on any trip alone. I also seek a lot of support from my mother. I look for her opinion. I am very active on stage. If you give me a mic I can speak for hours .but at home, I am super lazy. I think I am not made for household work. If you go on stage you get a lot of fame, applause, and appreciation and at home, there is no appreciation. It gives me a feeling of maid at home. I have three maids I like cooking but don’t like the chopping work before that so I have a separate maid for that. Ready hoke ghumna firna pasand hai. Husband I loving but I always feel a lack of love every time. I feel my mother also loves me less compared to my sister. I want to be the center of attraction. If anyone tells wrong words for me I can’t digest. Then I get away from such people. I am god fearing person. Fear of punishment from god.I feel good in big crowd. There are a lot of people and mutual talk. alone I don’t like I feel lonely. When I see close friends of mine whom I know for a long time if they are at a good position and earning more I feel very bad and maybe jealous about them that they are doing so well and I am not able to do so. I also appreciate people if they have done good work but at times I get jealous looking at their achievements. My sister is good at study and household work so I get the feeling that my mother loves her more than me. When she does all household work and I sit lazy I get anger on her because my mother will appreciate her and not me. i feel like good for nothing. I have a lot of fear of image destruction. People should observe me only and I should be the center of attention .publicly my image should be good. If my daughter gets the gold medal then I am very happy but if she gets the silver it makes me sad. I am like she should get gold only.

Menarche : 12 years of age. I was having regular periods before marriage. This issues ave started after marriage only. i was having infertility so I have taken allopathic 21 days pills for 2 years and then within 3 months I conceived but that doctor told to abort as placenta was very low but then I prayed to god and that night as if I got dream and god told me that you continue with the pregnancy and then I got mentally strong and I decided do or die and continue this pregnancy. i am strong character or weak character I don’t know.

Tell more about yourself : I am very talented. I am doing good at present but I want to come in limelight but I cant so I get irritation I want fame ,people should know me. I like to do stage events. But I have to leave my daughter at home which I cant. I don’t trust others easily. I don’t leave her to my mother also. I feel she will be most safe with me only. Another symptom I have is of cervical pain. Pain in shoulder region and neck region and sometimes it goes to head and there is vertigo also so I have to take injection for vertigo as well. mostly it is on left side.
Tension : I have fear of death, I don’t want to die early. I have still lot to do. I want to be you tube vlogger with lot of followers. I want to be anchor also.

Occupation : I started as a teacher and I am a counseller.i was teacher of Shakespeare in 9 th and 10th no one in the school was able to teach Shakespeare at that time. Dur to my talent I got chance to teach in school where celebrity kids come .when I get mic I can speak a lot and it is like I forget everything else that I have family and husband at home. But after this sitting at home doing household work gives very bad feeling to me. You should be able to find the right medicine for me doctor!!

Sensitivity : If you say good words to me I will totally surrender to you but if you speak negative about me I will not like my father always used to talk in that tone so I speak less to him. As long as I wans with my parents I was not confident but after marriage I got very siddha husband so use dabane ka mauka miila mujhe.(gesture). I want to fly no one should cut my wings. 25 punjabi boys have rejected me so far as I wan not looking like Punjabi so that made me feel very inferior and I got married to Bengali husband. then I started to dominate my husband. I started ruling him. But for 2 years after marriage was very depressive for me. Mother in law was very dominating. But when I understand her cunningness, I used to catch her immediately. She has very sweet tongue. she used to call evey minute what are you doing, where are you. She is like you should not go out much , not eat outside food, no go and travel ,etc. she was governing me and I cant be under any ones government. Feeling: bandha hua feel karti hu as if rassi se badh liya hai. I used to get this dream that I have tied my MIL in rassi and I am slapping her. In that dream I felt very sympathetic for myself. if someone says negative things about my mother in law I feel very good. now I don’t consider he in my life. I think I am very selfish.Recently we went for trip and there I was like my photos only should come nice. Mom tells me you are very lazy person. Mere mom and sister koi alag hi prani hai aisa lahta hai mujhe .i am also careless in household matters. I have 3 maids and recently one of them stole 3 bottles of ghee and I was not aware of it.

Good/bad incidences :
Rejection from 25 boys was the phase very depressive for me. Love never happened with me. I did not have a boyfriend. I was like all other girls are having and I am only not having so maybe something I wrong with me only. i used to feel very inferior. One guy was behind me but he did not speak good English so I told my mother I don’t want this type of person. I want someone with whom if I am standing people should say wow this is Shweta husband so nice and such a nice couple. Second depressive phase was 2 years after marriage. Mother in law was very loud. She was governing me but one day I told her to stay in her limits. I was staying so afraid from her before that once phone rang and I saw its her call and I literally fainted!!

I have met 3 doctors regarding my menstrual problem and did sonography all alone by myself so it makes me feel good. I keep on telling people so that they say are waah!! U did it all by yourself that is very good. I want someone to take care of me and I am very careful about my daughter’s safety.

I have very weak vision. -11 power so vision is very dim. I feel lack of love everytime even though my husband is very sweet and loves me but I want to lister like you are very important part of my life very often. My life rotated around my daughter. After her birth we has less physical intimacy.
1.5 years after marriage was the wprst phase of my life. That woman (MIL) did not allow us to go on honeymoon. She used to sleep with us and used to tell keep your room open. Suddenly life changed after marriage. I was in protective cuccon of my parents before marriage and after that this one wanted to govern me . I wanted toenjoy marriage life so I decided not to work for 2 years after marriage but MIL wanted me to work.i used to get suicidal thoughts. I as like go to terrace and jump but husband was very sweet so I could not that that step. Aab wo mujse kaapti hai and i love that feel. now I feel I am dominating on her.but unko paia ka ghamand hai. Mere paas abbhi utna nahi hai .so its my dream that one day I buy big house and its door is of finger print so that if I am out she has to wait for me to come to open the door. She tells me you are very non classy. I have joined satsang and do not drink and party but she does so she g=feels I am non classy. I feel me upar uud jau or wo mujhe dekh ke jaal jaye!! She once told my daughter that study hard and become an officer but don’t become an ordinary teacher like your mother. i still remember that and not able to forget.

Dreams : I am very afraid of lizard. I am looking at a photo frame and something lizard like coming from behind it and growing bigger in size and it is approaching me to bite me. It is yellow in colour and with big protruding eyes. I feel scared in that dream. From kitchen cabinet one lizard came out and it changed its colour from yellow to green and I am trying to kill it. In month of august I got lot of acne on my face. Huge brown acne eruptions on my cheek. I used to cover myself . makeup se bhi nahi chupte the..mera dimag hil gaya tha. Feltvery sympathetic for myself ki why it happened me only. I got punishment from god. I was introspecting on myself what wrong have I done?

Physical generals :

Thirst : very less. I want wated at night before sleeping not otherwise.
Perspiration : no sweat.
Urination : I had UTI with fungal infection. Lot of white discharge with swelling of vagina and lower abdominal pain. Before periods I have itching in vagina.
Stool : always constipated. i feel pile like mass on left side. During periods I get pain otherwise wo mujhe trouble nahi karta.
Menses : before and during periods I get blurring of vision. Irritated before periods. Feeling of lack of love before periods. As periods get over I feel life is so rozy and I want to go out shopping, etc.
Sleep : disturbed sleep. When I wake up after sleep I don’t feel fresh.
Food : I am a foodie. But I feel my body is spreading so I am afraid of getting fat. I like deep fried food ,spicy food. Sweet food after spicy is mandatory.
Thermal : I hate winter. I don’t feel like doing anything in winter. I don’t open my legs and sit for hours together in winter season. I always want to cover myself and sleep. I don’t like cold air. I want warmth and coziness. In winter I feel like someone has tied me and I can’t fly. Childhood: felt very inferior to sister. Fear of father was there as he was loud. i was stupid and dumb girl in childhood.
Past history : Skin problem was there. boils used to come and disappear after flakes.
Family history : Mother: at age of 38 she had same issue like me. Maternal side all have blood pressure and diabetes. Grandmother: breast cancer.
Particulars : Tonsil in childhood. Throat pain was there. Felt as if I cannot breathe and chocked. Stomach: acidity issue was there. Fullness of stomach was there and felt very tight. Nose: sinus issue every winter. Mostly on left side.
Prescription : One dose of Lac Def 200 followed by sac lac twice a day for a month

Patient was much better in a month.

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