Homeopathic Cold Coryza Treatment

Case Details – 6 years/ Girl Homeopathic Cold Coryza Treatment

Patient Age: 6 years/ Girl.
Date: 23-3-2023

Complain of : For 2 to 3 days she has been complaining of a nose block. The right side nose is blocked and there is a breathing issue also. And discharge occurs from the left side. This discharge is thick and greenish in color. Initially, she was having mild soreness in the throat but then she was exposed to cold wind yesterday which triggered her complaint. Mainly it occurs by cold air and weather change. The discharge from nose makes her feel better. Along with sneezing that is discharged from the nose which is greenish in color and thick. Thirst she likes to drink warm water.

Appetite : normal

Basic nature : Usually she is playful but sometimes she gets irritated and starts shouting. She has an elder sister with whom there is a lot of competition, comparison. She is a little bit insecure. If we talk more with a sister she does not like. She feels that you are not loving me.. She tries to get our attention. If we do not look at her then she doesn’t like it. She wants our focus all the time. Do not let us upset because of her. If she comes to know that we are upset with her then she will calm herself down.

Dreams : once I had a dream that my teeth are falling and I am scared.

Fear : fear of spiders and insects. Even if she sees a mosquito she starts to jump. She has a fear of spider and ghost in the darkness that it can come and she is trying to run away

Food : like paneer, bhindi, sweets a lot.

Thirst : normal

Urine/ stool : nothing specific

Thermal : like summer. Chilly patient

Sometimes she gets angry with her sister when she breaks her toys. In school also she does not like friends who laugh at her.
She gets jealous of her sister when we listen more to her or talk more with her. All her milestones are normal. She is an attention seeker.

Dulcamara 30 one dose was given.

She was doing very well after that.

About Platinum Family Clinic

Dr. Nidhi’s treatment approach involved the prescription of individualized homeopathic remedies known for their efficacy in treating acute coryza. She carefully selected remedies that matched the patient’s symptoms, taking into account their unique constitution and overall health. The prescribed remedies aimed to address nasal congestion, sneezing, and associated discomfort, while also boosting the patient’s immune system to facilitate recovery. Over the course of treatment, the patient experienced a significant improvement in symptoms. The nasal congestion reduced, allowing the patient to breathe more easily, and sneezing episodes became less frequent. The patient reported feeling more comfortable and experienced relief from the discomfort caused by acute coryza. Dr. Nidhi closely monitored the patient’s progress, adjusting the treatment plan as necessary to ensure optimal outcomes using homeopathic cold coryza treatment.

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