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Priya Sharma

I have been visiting Platinum Family Clinic for over a year now, and Dr. Nidhi Pandya has been a blessing.

Rajesh Gupta

Dr. Nidhi Pandya at Platinum Family Clinic is an exceptional homeopathy doctor. Her attention to detail and personalized treatment plans.

Aarti Patel

Dr. Nidhi Pandya’s holistic approach at Platinum Family Clinic has been life-changing for me. Her homeopathic treatments have alleviated my.

Sanjay Kumar

After struggling with eczema for years, I finally found relief with Dr. Nidhi Pandya’s homeopathic treatment at Platinum Family Clinic..

Deepika Singh

Platinum Family Clinic, under the care of Dr. Nidhi Pandya, has been a wonderful experience for our family. Her homeopathic.

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