Sleeplessness in Infant ..

Can infant suffer from insomnia ( sleeplessness) ???? Yes it is true.

I have seen mothers talking about their infant's irregular sleep which leads to lots of trouble to parents. This article is not about those babies who sleeps in day time a lot and wakes up or plays whole night. I am writing this just to spread awareness about the un-diagnosed cases of infant insomnia or sleeplessness since birth.

Let me explain this thing with some case story.

There was a new born baby,who was diagnosed with mild jaundice and so was suggested photo therapy. It was troublesome for parents to keep a baby on the tray ( for therapy), and if parents touch the baby she wakes up and cries a lot. The baby was not able to sleep even for 20 mins. This was going on for almost 3 days. No one could understand what was going on there. Once the baby got discharged and came to home, things were expected to be normal . But this did not happen as baby used to feed almost for hours and hours, and hardly sleeping for 1 hour at stretch that too without any disturbances of noise and light. SO here what we see, baby is sensitive to noise and very light sleeper. Baby is feeding for hours so this can be due to less milk supply , so was suggested top feed.

Still the story goes on, it was the period of earlier days of the baby where normal babies sleep for 16 to 18 hours and hardly wakes for feeding. This one slept for 20 mins and as fresh and playful as other babies. after 1 hour again takes a nap for maximum 20 mins. At night also unsuccessful efforts of making her sleep, full of discomfort and crying and then gets exhausted and sleeps very late and again early to rise in the morning. At this stage what pediatrician suggests usually, to introduce some solids in his diet so it reduces the gas formation and can sleep better. But nothing helped much.

I guess Nutmeg would have been suggested by elders in family for such cases. But do we really ready to give nutmeg daily in low doses just to create false sleep and also habitual to that substance or should we go for some permanent cure for such cases. One peculiar thing about this baby was , since her birth, she was very much sensitive to classical music or rhythmic music. Which always made her calm. And strong history of cancer and diabetes in parental side.

This is the indication for Homoeopathic medicine Carcinocin 1m. Just one dose and miracle started. Baby started sleeping to 4 to 5 hours even with disturbances. And continued to progress on other levels also.

I wanted to write an article since long, but time could not permit me. So extremely sorry to my readers.

*Please Note - Homeopathy Is Best and Safe For Hair Disease, But No Medication Should Be Taken Without Consulting a Homeopathy Doctor.

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