A Comprehensive Approach to Managing Anxiety and Acid Reflux

A Case Study of anxiety and acid reflux:

Patient aged 40 year female Complain of:

There was anxiety and a panic attack.

Initially, periods were irregular, but they are now regular.

The legs lose strength 8-10 days before menstruation. Mood swings and heart palpitations last for 2 to 3 minutes. Holding hands and sharing relaxes me. I also experienced the same symptoms during my pregnancy. I wasn't prepared for pregnancy, therefore I had negative thoughts for the entire nine months. There is heaviness and a lumpy feeling in the throat.
There are also eructation's. After burps, relief. Heartburn can occur from time to time. It started again while in lockdown. I am afraid that anything will happen and I will die. Fear of something relating to my body. Fear of having a heart attack.

This type of panic began when I was five years old. My mother is single. I have not seen my father. He appeared out of nowhere one day, and his look terrified me. Everyone was attempting to keep me hidden from him, and I was terrified of him. At the time, I experienced a panic attack. My grandfather died recently, followed by my grandmother, who died of shock. It was frightening to me, and everything crashed.

In 2007, I had a normal delivery. Thyroid disease was identified at the time. I experienced considerable bleeding. My legs were shaky, and I felt like I was going to collapse. There was fear in the chest. Feeling of a lump in the throat.

I had a nasal polyp three to four years ago. It's more on the right side. There is a burning sensation in the nose.

Particulars and past history:

There was pain in left leg also it would start suddenly from knee to ankle.

There is also swelling near elbow sometimes. 20 years ago i had fall from 3rd floor there was no major injury. only leg had turned blackish. There was no fracture headache was there before fall also headache is there since 27 years. Headache is better by vomiting. headache started 7 to 8 months after the birth of my son. Tonsil used to happen recurrent swelling used to occur on both the sides. There is burning and pain in veins of hands.

I feel the lower portion of stomach is comings upwards. i feel it is very big. i feel difficulty in breathing if i sit and work due to that headache increases by talking much. if my husband drinks and come home he will start talking all negative things that irritated me and then headache occurs thinking more also causes headache.

I have more pitta. If i sit in car or bus i get vomiting and vertigo. i have motion sickness.

Physical generals:

Food: I like veg and non veg both. I prefer sour and acidic foods. Fish are my favorite. I also like ice cream.

Thirst : 4 to 5 glasses a day. In summer it is more due to dryness in mouth and it is less in winter.

Stool : Nothing specific

Sweat: Not much.

Thermal: I am unable to withstand excessive cold. There is stiffness in my body when I sit straight under a fan. I cannot tolerate excessive heat.

Menses: Painful periods. periods are early .every 23 days. flow is for 3 days. I have 3 son and 1 daughter.

Sleep: I meditate and chant 1 to 100.Then I get to sleep.

Dreams: My grandfather passed away recently. I get his dreams. He provides prasad to everyone but not to me. Then I took his hand and transferred prasad from his to mine.
Another dream depicts a large ocean wave approaching me and me racing away. I entered the wave, and it drew me in. I tried to breathe, but then I noticed that the wave had brought me safely outside. I had a sense I would die. I open my eyes and see myself as protected.

When I was five years old, I had my first panic attack, and my father came to the house, shielding me. I became scared all of a sudden.I was traumatised and emotional. There was a sudden fear that something might happen to me. Then the overthinking begins: what if it happens to me.
Father's appearance was dangerous. There is no link with the father. Mother has experienced numerous instances of marital violence.

Childhood: Fearful since childhood. Never saw a father figure. I had been doing bharatnatyam for 13 years. My mother was quite protective of me and my brother. I was never kept independent .I've been an introvert since childhood. Talk very little. She's always kept me close (hand motion).

Stressful situation: Death of mother was stressful. Mother ued to treat us with care. I get headache from emotions. if i get emotional i will get headache after 2 days i cry easily and frequently. If someone scold me, tell me something in loud tone then i cry i don't like to fight and have enemies. I also have habit of washing hands often and washing the already washed plates before using them.

Fear: I am afraid that something will happen to me. Fear of dying. I am an introvert. I become irritated when things don't go as planned. I don't have any bravery. I feel unworthy of anything. Otherwise, I am quite particular. I accomplish things in a systematic and principled approach. I believe that whatever I do should go well. We began our lives from zero. I had a love marriage. I wanted to do something where my thoughts were continually present. There was a financial burden, so whenever I used to make mistakes continuously comes into my mind. My thoughts are constant, and I feel pressured as a result. Initially, I was afraid of speaking in public. There was a fear of speaking up. What if something improper is stated. I am concerned about what people may think of me, so I try to play it safe.

Safe: I am concerned about my image. I am a really calm individual. I attempt to keep that image. If I am not like that, I may be alone. I try to protect my image so that others don't believe she's like this and that. People should not make any assumptions about me.

I attempt to keep my body from being hurt. To remain safe in a dangerous scenario. Whatever is unsafe for me, I strive to avoid it by staying in an enclosed environment. (Hand gesture.)I am afraid of the unknown and am uncomfortable wherever I am. I prefer to have my hubby with me wherever we travel. I'll feel secure and safe if my hubby is with me. I ask my husband ten times before going anyplace. God is present for everything. You simply need to trust. I aim to avoid all types of danger. It could be anything that will harm your body. Anything, such as a sharp object or an accident, that can hurt your body, separate you from your family, or cause your death.

I'm also afraid of sudden noises. There will be shivers. I cried all day when a passerby touched me harshly. Since then, I have been afraid of unexpected noises or touches.


Interest and hobbies:

Travelling. Try cooking different food. I am good at baking. When it comes to creative work I like to do like art and craft.

Fear: fear of heights, darkness, ghost. I don't watch horror movies. I avoid because same thoughts keep on coming in mind.
Stomach: constipation, before bloating was there.

Urination: Sneezing and coughing causes drop of urine.

Menses: Nothing specific. Pale yellowish discharge. 4 to 5 days before my period, I will not have any symptoms, so I will know when it will start. The white discharge will resume 6 to 7 days after the menstruation ends. Menstruation started extremely late. At the age of fifteen years. Periods are consistently late.

Obstetric history: 2 normal deliveries.
First curettage was done due to early pregnancy.
Second was done after birth of second daughter.
In 2010 fever was extensive. Every joint was painful and fever was more on forehead.


Family history:

Mother: uterus removed. Hypertension
Grandmother: stroke
Grandfather: kidney stone.

1 / 5 / 2023
Ammonium mur 30 stat
Sl bd 15 days
Based on
Anxiety palpitations
Eructations amel
Nose block due to polyps
Chest pulsation eating after
Acid reflux
17 / 5 / 23
Follow up
Much better with medicine
No burps
Palpitations reduced
Generals better
Nose complains better
. Sl bd 15 days
5 / 6 / 23
Nose better
Generals better
Burps and palpitations present
Ammonium mur 30 stat
Sl BD 1  month.

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